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Beulah McInnerny

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Beulah McInnerny
Beulah s19
Gender Female
Animal Cat
Hair color Red-orange
Family Mr. McInnerny (father)
Mrs. McInnerny (mother)
Cartoon debut "Arthur's Eyes"
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Beulah McInnerny[1] is a third grader in Mrs. Fink's class.

Physical appearance

3rd Grade Female Cat 1

Beulah's appearance in season 6

Beulah is a tanned cat that wears a red jacket with a single gold stripe on the sleeves and near the bottom of the jacket, a white shirt underneath her jacket, beige khakis, and red and white shoes.

She wears rectangular lensed glasses with the frame of the glasses being gold colored and she has long red hair. She also wears a beige maillot, which was first shown in the episode "D.W.'s Backpack Mishap".


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