"3rd Grade Male Rat (Number 4)" is not an official name.
3rd Grade Male Rat
3rd Grade Male Rat 4
Grade 3
Gender Male
Animal Rat
Complexion Grayish brown
Cartoon debut D.W., Dancing Queen

3rd Grade Male Rat is an unnamed third grader who appeared in the fantasy sequence Arthur was having, which took place in the beginning of the episode D.W., Dancing Queen. Not much is known about him since he didn't speak and didn't have as much screen time. In the fantasy he appeared in all three of them, which depict Arthur's friends as teachers while he and his classmates were students. It is not known if he or his classmates go to Lakewood Elementary School. He has not reappeared since this episode.


3rd Grade Male Rat is a rat with a grayish brown complexion. He wears a dark blue colored shirt, long beige khakis, and orange and white sneakers.


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