Arthur Arts Week

Promotional banner from the Arthur Facebook page[1]

ARTHUR Arts Week[1][2][3][4] was a week-long PBS Kids event for the week of May 12 to May 16, 2014. The three remaining episodes of season 17 were aired on Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday; the former two were repeated on Thursday and Friday.

Episodes aired

Date Episode
5/12 "The Director's Cut / Crime and Consequences" (17-8)[2]
5/13 "Caught in the Crosswires / Framed!" (17-9)[5]
5/14 "Binky's Music Madness / Brain Freeze" (17-10)[6]
5/15 "The Director's Cut / Crime and Consequences" (17-8)
5/16 "Caught in the Crosswires / Framed!" (17-9)


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