Einstein poster

Brain's Einstein poster

Albert Einstein was a famous physicist referenced multiple times in the Arthur series. Among his many accomplishments, he discovered the theory of relativity.

  • In the majority of the series, Brain has a poster of Einstein with the theory of relativity underneath it displayed in his bedroom.
  • In "Arthur Rides the Bandwagon," Brain's Woogle is named Tiny Einey, and resembles Einstein.
  • In "Waiting to Go," Einstein is mentioned and a character version of him is seen. He is also on Brain's watch saying digitally "Time is relative, here in Berlin it's 6:48 PM and twenty seconds.
  • In "D.W. Aims High," he is heavily featured, appearing as a statue, and seen in fantasy/flashback sequences growing up.
  • In the parade sequence of one of Arthur's fantasies in Arthur's Perfect Christmas, one of the parade balloons is of Albert Einstein.

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