Annual Dog Show
Poster from the 1967 show
Type Dog show
Frequency Annual
Introduced In "April 9th"

An annual dog show was seen in a flashback in "April 9th," when Mr. Morris told Buster about what happened during the 1967 dog show. The 1967 dog show was the 25th annual dog show, meaning that the annual dog shows began in 1943.

1966 Dog Show


The 1966 Champion Breed

A poster showing the winning breed from the 1966 dog show is seen in the background of the flashback.

1967 Dog Show

Dogshow building

Location of the 1967 dog show

Mr. Morris participated in the 1967 dog show with a shitzoo, when all the dogs went running away, to a field with thirteen equally sized circles imprinted in it. It was from this point that Mr. Morris believed in aliens. Multiple characters from Grandpa Dave's Unidentified Town are seen present, such as Ed Billings, Eli, and Tom, implying that the 1967 show may have taken place in that town.


Some other contestants also appeared in the background in addition to these contestants:

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