Arthur's Computer Disaster
Arthur's Computer Disaster
Author Marc Brown
Illustrator Marc Brown
Publication date September 1, 1997
Published by Little, Brown and Company
ISBN 0316105341
Publication Order
Preceded by
Arthur Writes a Story (1996)
Followed by
Arthur Lost and Found (1998)

Arthur's Computer Disaster is the 23rd book in the Arthur Adventure series. It was written and illustrated by Marc Brown, and published by Little, Brown and Company. It is based upon the first half of "Arthur the Wrecker", and it is also the second Arthur Adventure book based on an episode, but the first to be published after its episode counterpart's original airdate.

In the story, Arthur Read plays a game, and accidentally breaks his mother's computer. In the end, he finds that it is not, in fact, broken, but he gets into trouble for disobeying his mother's orders to stay off the computer.




Differences from the cartoon

  • When Arthur started playing Deep Dark Sea, he was wearing his pajamas. In the cartoon, he was playing on the computer before changing into his pajamas.
  • When Jane tells Arthur and Buster that it's tax season that she needs to use the computer all day, she was in the kitchen. In the cartoon, she was on the computer when she told them.
    • Also, in the book, after she tells the boys she needs to run to the office, she adds "And don't touch my computer", which she didn't exactly say in the cartoon but meant to remind them.
  • Mrs. Powers told the boys that the Brain was not home instead of Mr. Powers.
  • After the Brain couldn't find the problem with the computer, Arthur and Buster then go to the computer repair shop. In the cartoon, they didn't go to the computer repair shop because Jane came home right away, thus making Buster and the Brain leave.
  • After the computer supposedly breaks, D.W. tells Arthur and his friend Buster that they're both in big trouble. In the cartoon, she rambles on to them about how her and Arthur's mom could get fired and that their family could become homeless and suffer poor health conditions, but she says it later in the book after Mom comes home and shortly before she decides to go use the computer.
  • After the computer incident, Arthur's mom calls to check and see how he's doing, and he lies to her about not touching the computer. In the cartoon, she doesn't call, but later mentions he could have called her and asked her for help.
  • The main character in the game Deep Dark Sea is a bear wearing goggles, a snorkel, air tanks on its back, a swimsuit, and flippers. In the cartoon, the character in the game was wearing a metal diving suit.
  • When Jane uses the computer once again (but decides to play Deep Dark Sea instead of working on her taxes), she grounds Arthur by telling him, "No computer games for a week". In the cartoon, she said, "I'm forbidding you from the computer for a week. Fair?".

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