(zooms into Arthur's house, it is the middle of the night, Arthur's door opens, and a light shines on him)

  • Arthur: *gasp*
  • D.W. (whispering): Come with me.
  • Arthur: Why?
  • D.W.: Shh. (whispering): It's about our lost brother!
  • Arthur: (whispering): We don't have a brother.
  • D.W.: (whispering): They're keeping him a secret! But I've seen him!
  • Arthur (to the audience): (whispering): Uh-oh! (Normally): Great.

(Arthur and D.W. move into the next room)

  • (D.W.'s light pans over to a red book on a small table)
  • D.W.: (whispering): Don't turn on- (Arthur turns light on) (quietly): -the light...
  • (Arthur turns off light)
  • (Arthur walks slowly over towards D.W.); D.W. opens the photo album)
  • (a picture of younger Arthur shows)
  • D.W.: See?
  • (camera moves to lower right and another picture of Arthur shows)
  • D.W.: I wonder where he went. Mom and dad sold him or something.
  • Arthur: D.W., that's me!
  • D.W.: Is not!
  • Arthur: Is too!
  • D.W.: But you wear glasses!
  • Arthur (mad): That was before I wore glasses.
  • D.W.: You were born with glasses!
  • Arthur: You were only two years old then, so you probably don't remember.
  • [Intertitle Shows]

It flashes back to 2 years ago, Arthur has no glasses and his friends are in Mr. Marco's class.

  • Mr. Marco: (hands out quizzes) This quiz is to be completed in class. No talking!
  • Arthur (squinting): That's a seven, right?
  • Francine: No, it's a two!
  • Arthur: That's a one?
  • Francine: No, it's a seven.
  • Arthur: That's a seven.
  • Francine: No Arthur, it's a nine, stop bothering me!
  • Mr. Marco: (clears throat) Ahem! Mmm!
  • (Cut to: handing out test results)
  • Mr. Marco: These are your test results. Anybody with four or more mistakes should see me after class for extra homework.
  • (Francine has all questions right, but Arthur has them all wrong)
  • Francine: I guess math isn't your best subject.
  • Arthur: I have a headache!
  • Buster: Yeah, sometimes Francine gives me a headache too.
  • Francine: (Offended, putting her head up with her eyes closed) Hmph!

(Scene switches to the gymnasium with Arthur and his friends are playing basketball) (The ball goes right to Arthur, but he misses it so Muffy gets the ball and passes to Francine)

  • Arthur: Huh?
  • Francine's Team: Shoot!
  • (Francine shoots and scores)
  • (Buster has the ball on a breakaway)
  • (Buster passes to Arthur)
  • Buster: Arthur!
  • Arthur: Got it! No I don't.
  • (Arthur misses again, Sue Ellen gets the ball, passes to Francine)
  • Binky (in background): Go, go!
  • (Francine shoots it backwards with one hand and makes it)
  • (Mr. Ratburn blows whistle)
  • (Arthur has a free shot, but he is double-sighted)
  • Buster: Come on Arthur, you can do it!
  • (Arthur shoots and it goes over the net and into the lockers)
  • Buster: Artthuurrrr!
  • Francine: I guess basketball is just not your sport.!

(Eye test at nurse's office)

  • Prunella: E, G, B, D!
  • Binky: E, G, B, D.
  • Sue Ellen: E, G, B, D.
  • Arthur: M, P, D, 7, R, P, R, O! It's not a seven! Eight?
  • Francine: (Sing-song voice) Arthur's in trouble!
  • Muffy: How do you get in trouble with the nurse?
  • (Everybody laughs)
  • Buster: What happened?
  • Arthur: I have to go to the eye doctor...

(Arthur goes to eye doctor)

  • Dr. Iris: What can you see?
  • Arthur: It's just blurry, Dr. Iris!
  • Dr. Iris: Now what do you see?
  • Arthur: A giant worm!
  • (Worm is on the magnifying glass, Dr. Iris takes it off and puts it on the plants)
  • Dr. Iris: That better?
  • Arthur: Yeah, I can read it all!
  • Dr. Iris: You just need glasses, Arthur. That's why you've been getting those headaches.

(Arthur goes to pick out his new glasses)

  • Dr. Iris: All you have to do is choose the frames you like.
  • (Arthur puts on aviator glasses)
  • Arthur: Cool!
  • (Arthur has a fantasy where he is an aviator, he takes glasses off)
  • (Arthur tries on another pair of glasses)
  • Arthur's Mom: Those are nice.
  • Arthur: Maybe I'll try something else..
  • (Arthur spots another pair of glasses that look almost look like ski goggles, and he imagines that he is on Mars)
  • (Arthur takes off the glasses)
  • (Arthur spots brown glasses)
  • Arthur: Hey!
  • (Dr. Iris reaches down for the glasses and puts them on Arthur)
  • Dr. Iris: There!
  • Arthur's Mom: Those look WONDERFUL, Arthur!
  • Arthur's Dad: Very distinguished.
  • Arthur: Really?

(Arthur and his parents drive home from the eye doctor)

  • Arthur (with better vision): Look at that airplane way up there! Look at all the leaves on the trees!
  • Arthur: Hey mom, you have gray hairs on your head!
  • Arthur: Dad, have you always had those bags under your eyes?
  • (Arthur's parents are surprised about Arthur's rudeness, but they smile because Arthur now has better vision)

(The next day at school, Arthur is walking in the halls)

  • Francine: Whoa! You look weird!
  • (Arthur is mad)
  • Binky: You look different! You get a new haircut?
  • Arthur: NO!
  • (School bell rings)
  • Francine: Hey Buster, look! (Pointing at Arthur) Arthur's a four eyes! (Sing-song voice) Arthur's a four eyes! Arthur's a four eyes! Arthur's a four eyes!
  • (Everybody laughs except Buster and Arthur)
  • Buster: Some people need glasses to see, Francine. Big deal!
  • (It goes to the school cafeteria)
  • Buster (with two cans over his eyes): Hey, look you guys, I'm Arthur!
  • (Everybody laughs)
  • Arthur: Huh?
  • (Arthur gets mad and walks out of the cafeteria)
  • (Arthur walks past Binky)
  • Binky: I know, that's a new shirt!
  • Arthur: Afraid not.

(Arthur walks, covering his face with a coat)

  • (Arthur arrives at his house, his father is raking leaves with D.W. sitting in them)
  • D.W.: (gasps) (starts crying)
  • Arthur's Dad: Huh? Arthur?
  • Arthur: Don't talk to me!

(Arthur goes up to his room, looks in the mirror, and takes his glasses off)

  • Arthur: Well it's better than being called four eyes!
  • Arthur: If I lose them, nobody can make me wear them!
  • (Arthur puts glasses into their case)
  • Arthur: I won't even know where they land!
  • (Arthur puts glasses into a slingshot, and shoots)
  • Arthur: Good riddance!
  • (Case of the glasses hit an electric wire, bounce off and land in Arthur's bed room next to Stanley, his teddy bear)
  • (Arthur goes up to his room, only to find the glasses on his bed)
  • Arthur: (gasps; groans in frustration) Uggghhh!
  • (Arthur takes the glasses and throws them out the window, they land in Mr. Read's pile of leaves)
  • Arthur's Dad: Huh?

(Arthur goes down to the kitchen, thinking his work is done. He finds the glasses on the kitchen table)

  • (Arthur goes to the living room and he puts his glasses right under D.W.'s toy hammer so she will break them)
  • Arthur: That's it, D.W.!
  • D.W.: (laughing)
  • (D.W. hits the hammer, and misses the glasses)
  • Arthur's Mom: What are you doing with your glasses?
  • Arthur(lying): D.W. took them, mom! I was just getting them back!
  • Arthur's Mom: Be careful with them, honey.
  • (D.W. hits Arthur with the hammer)
  • Arthur: Ow!! *chuckles*

(Arthur walks to school the next day with his glasses on.)

  • (Arthur goes behind a tree and comes out with no glasses)
  • (Arthur arrives at school)
  • Mr. Marco: Arthur, where are your glasses?
  • Arthur: I lost them. At home I think.
  • Arthur: It's harder then ever to see without my glasses.
  • Buster: Why don't you just wear 'em?
  • Arthur: I don't need them. I know this school at the back of my own hand.
  • Arthur: Boy's room is the third door from this corner, right?
  • Buster: Yeahh..
  • Arthur: See, why do I need em?
  • Buster: See ya in class!
  • (Arthur tries to find boys room by counting the doors, but he misses one)
  • (Arthur walks into girl's room by mistake and sees Francine and Muffy talking to each other.)
  • Francine: I said, if I'm not bad in cleanup, I'm not playing.
  • Arthur: FRANCINE?!
  • Francine and Muffy: AAH!
  • Arthur, Muffy, and Francine at Once: WHAT ARE YOU DOING IN HERE?!?!
  • Francine: This is the girls' room! Get outta here!
  • (More girls come in)
  • (Screaming)
  • Girls: IT'S A BOY! GET HIM OUT!
  • (Everybody hears the screaming and wonder what it is)
  • Arthur: Get me out of here!!
  • (Arthur walks out and notices everybody in the school staring at him)
  • Arthur: *screams* (he drops his lunch box) Oh no....

(Arthur goes back home)

  • Arthur: I'm just gonna get used to being a four-eyed weirdo...
  • (turns on Bionic Bunny)
  • Bionic Bunny (on TV): I'm Wilbur Rabbit. And this is the story of how we make the Bionic Bunny show! And what's my next line? (filmmaker puts glasses on his eyes similar to Arthur's so he can read the script)
  • Arthur: Wilbur Rabbit wears glasses just like mine? ALL RIGHT!

(Arthur goes to school, wearing his glasses proudly)

  • Francine: Oh four-eyes is back!
  • Arthur: Hi Francine!
  • Francine: Huh?
  • Binky: I know! You're wearing glasses!
  • Arthur: Yeah, I am!
  • Binky: Four-eyes (laughs)
  • Arthur: Binky? Did you know Wilbur Rabbit wears glasses?
  • Binky: Yeah I saw that on TV last night.
  • Francine: I didn't see that!
  • Binky: Yeah wasn't it great how they make him fly?

(Mr. Marco's classroom)

  • (Mr. Marco writing on board)
  • Francine: Don't ask me to read the problems to you! I need to concentrate.
  • Arthur: Okay.


  • Francine: Look out everybody, Arthur's got the ball.
  • (Arthur shoots and makes it, everyone cheers)

(Mr. Marco's classroom)

  • (Mr. Marco handing out test results)
  • Mr. Marco: Very good Arthur! All correct!
  • Francine: Arthurrr! How would you like to play on my basketball team today?
  • (Francine shows Arthur her fake plastic glasses)
  • Francine: Do you like them?
  • Arthur: There's no glass.
  • Francine: They're my movie star glasses. Don't they make me look beauuutiful? Wilbur Rabbit wears glasses, you know.
  • Arthur: And his are just like mine!

(It goes back to current day)

  • Arthur: And since then, I've always wore glasses. Does that solve your mystery?
  • D.W.: I guess... but it's not as good as having a lost brother.
  • D.W.: Hey look! Who's this weird guy with mom?
  • Arthur: That's dad.
  • D.W.: Dad doesn't have a beard, Arthur. Maybe mom's divorced! I'm waking her up right now, and demand an explanation!
  • Arthur: D.W.! D.W.! D.W.!

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