(Arthur Read is looking through the glass of Al's Pet Shop at some puppies)

  • Arthur: I'm the kind of boy who should have a dog. A dog can be very helpful.

(In a dream sequence, we see Kate Read crying since she is high on a tree.)

  • Jane Read: Oh no, Kate climbed up too high! How will she get down?
  • Arthur: Save Kate, boy!

(Arthur's fantasy dog runs up the tree and grabs Kate. She stops crying.)

  • Kate: Sheeh!
  • Jane: Oh Arthur, what would have we done without you if you didn't have a dog?

(The dog licks Arthur, he laughs)

(Back at the pet shop, Arthur encounters a very mean dog.)

  • Arthur: But I never expected this!

(The mean dog growls at Arthur.)


  • (At home, Arthur is cutting out pictures of dogs)
  • Arthur: (humming while he cuts)
  • D.W. (in sing-song): Arthur wants a dog! Arthur wants a dog!
  • Arthur: Don't say anything D.W.! I'm waiting for just the right moment to ask Mom and Dad!

D.W.: You can trust me, Arthur.

(At the dinner table...)

  • David: So, what's new?
  • D.W.: Arthur wants a puppy.
  • Arthur: D.W.!!!
  • David: A puppy is a big responsibility.
  • Arthur: I would feed it, and walk it, and play catch with it.
  • David: We'll think about it.
  • D.W.: That means no.

(After dinner, Jane and David talk the situation over)

  • Jane: What about our new carpet?

(Meanwhile, Arthur & D.W. listen to the conversation via the kitchen door)

  • D.W.: Mom's saying she doesn't want to have a new puppy tree on the new carpet?

(The door opens and D.W. gets pushed out)

  • D.W. (nervously): Um, just felt like dancing. La la la la la.
  • David: Arthur, we've decided you may have a puppy IF you can take care of it.
  • Jane: But first, you need to show us that you're responsible enough to do it.
  • Arthur: Huh?

(In D.W.'s Room, D.W. gets a cash register while Arthur ponders about being responsible enough for a dog)

  • Arthur: How can I ever prove that I'm responsible?
  • D.W.: Why don't you get a job? Then you can pay back the $7 you owe me. (ka-ching)
  • Arthur: A job?! What kind of job can I get?

(On the playground at school, Arthur's friends give him suggestions for jobs)

  • Muffy: You could work for my Dad. He's looking for a new car salesman.

(In a fantasy sequence, Arthur is a car salesman at Crosswire Motors. The customer inspects the engine.)

  • Customer: Hmmmmmm..... what kind of engine is this?
  • Arthur: Uh, I don't know. I've never been able to see it!

(Returns to normal sequence)

  • Arthur: Gee Muffy, I don't think so.
  • Binky: Why not get a job at Joe's Junkyard crushing old cars? (crushes his soda can)
  • Francine: You should do something you like.
  • Arthur: Hey, that gives me a great idea! If I take care of other people's pets, that'll show my parents that I can take care of my own!

(At home, Arthur and Francine are making signs for Arthur's new pet business.)

  • Arthur: "Arthur's Pet Business. Call Arthur Read."
  • Francine: I'll take these.
  • Arthur: Alright, I got the rest.

(Both carry the finished signs downstairs, but Arthur trips and falls down the stairs. Jane and David notice one of the signs and David picks one up.)

  • David: "Arthur's Pet Business"
  • Arthur: Francine and I are gonna put up signs for my new business!
  • David: If you want, your Mom and I can give some of these to people we know.
  • Arthur: Great!

(Arthur and his family start handing out flyers to people in town)

  • Mrs. Wood: My, what a cute baby! Hello!
  • Kate: (hands the flyer to her)

(Now Arthur hands out flyers in the park to people with their pets)

  • Arthur: Arthur's Pet Business! I'm Arthur! Arthur's Pet Business! I'm Arthur!

(Later that night at home, Arthur waits for a call from a customer)

  • Jane: Arthur?
  • Arthur: Huh?
  • Jane: Time to get ready for bed.
  • Arthur: Mom, just ten more minutes?
  • Jane: ARTHUR!

(The phone rings. Arthur picks it up.)

  • Arthur: Hello? Arthur's Pet Business, Arthur speaking.

(Arthur learned that he got his first customer)

  • David: Congratulations Arthur! Who is it?
  • Arthur: I'm gonna watch Mrs. Woods' dog while she's on vacation! And I'm going to earn $10!
  • David: Isn't that the dog that the mailman calls, "Jaws"?
  • D.W.: You mean, that nasty little perky?

(The next day, Arthur goes to Mrs. Wood's house, but Perky is growling, which frightens him)

  • Mrs. Wood: Come in. Oh, don't mind if Perky makes a little noise. She hasn't been herself lately. Now, I have two lists for you. This one is Perky's daily schedule. And this one is the list of things Perky doesn't like. Okay, I'll be back next Sunday, sweetie furry facey Perky baby!
  • Arthur: I'll take good care of her, Mrs. Wood!

(Perky growls)

  • Arthur: We'll be the best of friends.

(Back home, Perky growls while Arthur does his homework. Arthur has set a timer so he can do the things that Mrs. Wood asked him to do for Perky. The timer goes off.)

Arthur: Time for your brushing!

(Perky continues to growl. Meanwhile, in the kitchen, D.W. drinks milk while Arthur brushes down Perky)

Arthur: 96, 97, 98, 99, 100.

(Perky yawns)

Arthur: See? She's happy.

(However, Perky goes back to growling.)

(Arthur is eating dinner with his family until the timer sounds off again. He stops eating and runs off to feed Perky.)

Arthur: Then one tablespoon of gourmet chicken, one quarter tablespoon of liver, the very exact middle of a cheeseburger, no pickle, and a cherry on top.

(Perky growls, sniffs the food, then leaves)

Arthur: What's wrong? I followed the instructions. Oh no, I forgot the parsley!

(Afterwards, Arthur and his family are watching Bionic Bunny on TV. The timer sounds again, which is now starting to annoy him.)

(We now see Arthur in the bathtub taking a bath, but the timer sounds again.)

Arthur (groaning): Not now!

(Arthur sets out Perky's mat. She is still unhappy.)

Arthur: Now what's wrong?!

(He flattens out the mat and Perky goes to sleep finally. Arthur sighs.)

(The next day, Perky is eating her breakfast. Arthur looks at her in stress.)

Jane: Are you sure you want a dog if it's this much work?

Arthur: If I can handle Perky, I can handle any pet!

(Doorbell rings)

D.W.: Prunella's here! She wants you to take care of her ant farm.

Prunella: Tuesday night is their barn dance. Here's their music. (hands Arthur a cassette)

Arthur: Hmmm....

D.W.: Arthur, I think your ads worked!

Arthur: (gasps as he sees a long line of people with their pets outside of his house)

(Perky growls at the people)

(All of the pets are loose in the house. One of the birds lands on David, which angers him.)

David: Arthur!

Arthur: Don't worry, Dad. I'll work out all their schedules. Somehow....

(Frogs have gotten into the bathtub)

D.W.: (screams) HELP! (runs out of the bathtub)

David: D.W.? (runs upstairs)

Arthur: Uh oh. (notices Kate playing with the ant farm) Oh no, the ant farm! NO KATE! DON'T!

Kate: (cries)

(Another bird flies out of his cage)

Arthur: (gasps) OH NO! HEY WAIT! HEY! WHERE ARE YOU GOING?!(accidentally steps on a cat's tail as he chases the bird)

Jane: Huh?

Arthur: COME HERE!

Jane (in fear): Arthur! (a snake is wrapped around her legs)

D.W.: Arthur!

David: ARTHUR!

(A frog jumps out of a pitcher of lemonade. Arthur looks sheepishly at his family. Then he moves all the animals down into the basement into cages.)

Arthur: Okay you, stay down here!

(The timer goes off)

Arthur (tiredly): Time to walk Perky.

Arthur (normally): D.W., how would you like to be my assistant? I'll pay you $2.

D.W.: Arthur, you know I'd do anything for you for money. Let's say $3.

Arthur: Deal! (they shake hands)

(Arthur now takes Perky for a walk around the neighborhood)

Arthur (to the postman): Good morning!

Postman: Arthur, what did you do to Jaws?

Arthur: What do you mean? I've been taking good care of her. I keep her right on schedule.

Postman: Well, I've never seen her this angry before.

Arthur: But I did everything right.

(Perky growls)

(Now, Arthur is reading a Dog Care book)

Arthur: I did do everything right.

(Perky continues to growl)

Arthur: But now you're more unfriendly. Maybe I'm not just a dog person. When Mrs. Wood picks you up tomorrow, she'll tell everyone I wrecked her dog.

(Everything for Perky has been packed)

D.W.: I'll bet you're happy today!

Arthur: Why?

D.W.: Today you get rid of Perky and earn $10!

Arthur: But I found out that I can never have a puppy. I wreck dogs.

Jane: Arthur? Mrs. Wood just called. She's on her way over.

Arthur (disappointedly): Oh, I'll get Perky. (notices that Perky isn't here) Hey, has anyone seen Perky? She was in the living room, but now she's gone!

David: You know, I didn't hear her growl all morning.

Jane: Neither did I.

Arthur: Perky! PERKY! Come here Perky!

D.W.: She's not downstairs.

David: She's not outside.

D.W.: You're in trouble now!

Arthur: I wreck dogs AND lose them! Now I know that I should never have a dog!

(doorbell rings)

Jane: Mrs. Wood, please, come in.

D.W.: Hi Mrs. Wood, guess what? Arthur lost your dog!

Mrs. Wood: WHAT?! PERKY?! My poor helpless little baby's out in the world alone and unprotected!

David: I feel sorry for the world.


(Everyone rushes into the living room)


Mrs. Wood: Aw, and look how comfortable you made her Arthur! How can I ever thank you?

D.W.: A reward would be nice!

Jane: Shhh, D.W.!

Mrs. Wood: Here, this is the money I owe you! And how would you like a puppy as a reward?

Arthur: A... PUPPY?!

David: Of course, you've earned it!


D.W.: $10

Arthur: That's a weird name. Why would I name it that?

D.W.: That's what you owe me. $7 plus $3 for being an assistant. That comes to $10.

Arthur: (smiles as he's holding a $10 bill)


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