Arthur Aardvark for the Ages

A promotional banner from Arthur's Facebook page.[1]

"Arthur: Aardvark for the Ages" was an panel for Arthur at the New York Comic Con in 2013. It took place Sunday, October 13, 2013 from 12:15 pm – 1:15 pm.

Speakers were Arthur creator Marc Brown, producer Carol Greenwald, director Greg Bailey, head writers Peter K. Hirsch and Ken Scarborough, and PBS Vice President of Children's Programming Linda Simensky. The panel was also moderated by scriptwriter and lyricist David Steven Cohen.[2]

The main conversation was about Arthur's evolution from page to screen, secrets of the show's ongoing and ageless appeal and why so many stars love being animated (and "animalated") into the world of Arthur and his pals in Elwood City. Q&A followed.


  1. Question: How did you choose the theme song?
    Answer: Our goal was to expose kids to real music, not just music made for kids. Reggae is a genre few kids are familiar with. But it was the perfect fit for ARTHUR. Executive Producer Carol Greenwald had the opportunity to fly down to Jamaica and record the beloved theme song with the entire Marley family. The rest is history!
  2. Question: There are two kids in Mr. Ratburn’s class who remain a mystery: a female rabbit with brown hair and a gray male rabbit with a peach sweater. Who are these characters and will they ever speak?
    Answer: The female rabbit is named Maria and the male rabbit is named Alex. They’re both a bit shy. But we may hear from them in the future.
  3. Question: Who is your favorite character?
    Answer: George is one of our favorites. He has faced a lot of challenges, including dyslexia. But he’s an incredibly creative and smart kid. Who doesn't love George?

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