Prologue: Mrs. Tibble's Yard

Arthur: (jumping on Moon Boots) Sometimes, do you see things you just have to have? You tell your parents it's the most important thing in the world and you bug them until they get it for you. And then once you have it, it's not such a big thing anymore, (wearing hockey gloves) like hockey gloves (holding a telescope) or a telescope (holding a pair of Bionic Bunny walkie talkies) or Bionic Bunny walkie talkies. The problem is these things usually end up buried in a closet, under a bed or on Dad's tool shelf in the basement. Well, it wasn't going to be the same old story this time because I had to have those...
Mrs. Tibble: (off-screen) Arthur, are you working or just lollygagging?
Arthur: Oops, gotta go. (jumping down on Moon Boots)

(Title card)

Parking Lot

(The Read Family car is driven to the Mill Creek Mall.)
Arthur: Mom, why do we have to go clothes shopping?
Jane: Because it's fall and you both need new coats.
(The Read Family Car stops at the parking lot of Mill Creek Mall and Jane and D.W. get out.)
Arthur: Can't I wait in the car?
Jane: They'll let you in the mall, Arthur. You're not a dog.
D.W.: His nose is cold.

Mill Creek Mall Coat Department

(Jane picks up the red coat from the racket where Arthur is standing.)
D.W.: D.W. looks lovely in her red coat, great for both classroom or playground and has cute little clips for her mittens.
Arthur: Mom, is she gonna do this to every coat she tries on?
Jane: Here Arthur, (picking up green coat from racket) why don't you try this on?
Arthur: Fine, I'll take it.
Jane: Try it on!
(Arthur takes the green coat and puts it on while looking in the mirror.)
Jane: Well, doesn't that look nice? Doesn't that look nice on your brother, D.W.?
D.W.: Arthur looks very dorky in his green coat. If he stands still, he looks like a tree.
Arthur: Can I go to the toy store now?
Jane: Alright, we'll be over in a minute.
Arthur: (taking off green coat while D.W. puts on blue coat) YAY! (leaves)
D.W. (looking in the mirror) Is it a dream? No, it's D.W. looking beautiful in blue, the color of the sky in a crisp fall day.

Mill Creek Mall Toy Store

(Arthur turns on the wind-up monkey that plays cymbals. He looks around and sees a basket of balls. He picks up a red small ball and bounces it but the red small ball bounces all over the place until it lands back on top with the other balls.)
Arthur: Wow, that was close.
(Arthur looks at the toys while walking and sees a truck. He presses a button and the trucks turns into a robot and his school principal, Mr. Haney.)
Muffy:: Daddy, can I have this, too?
Edward: (holding handful of toys) Sure, sweetie.
Muffy: Hi, Arthur.
Arthur: Boy, it must be great to get every toy you want.
Muffy: Uh-huh.
Edward: (holding shopping bags) Time to go, Muffin.
Muffy: Okay, Daddy. Bye, Arthur. (leaves)
Arthur: Bye, Muffy. (walking over while noticing something on shelf) Hey! Moon Boots! Wow!
(Camera transitions to imaginable scene. Arthur is wearing Moon Boots and he jumps up and down. He jumps the second time and for the third time he jumps up into the sky and into space and then he lands on the moon. The American Flag is on the moon.)
Arthur: That's one small step for Arthur. (picks up cheese from moon and eats it)
Wow, it is made of cheese.
(The cow is seen wearing Moon Boots while mooing and jumping over the moon. Camera transitions back.)
Arthur: Whoa!

Reads House: Kitchen

(David takes the cookies out of the oven and Jane chops up zucchini.)
Arthur: (holding bowl) And they're called Moon Boots and they're only 10 dollars.
David: Only 10 dollars?
Jane: So that's what you were doing in the toy store.
Arthur: I got it all figured out.

Reads House: Dining Room

(D.W. feeds Kate dinner.)
Arthur: So that's why I think if you'd buy me moon boots, it would be good for the whole family.
David: Well Arthur, we just bought you new sneakers.
Arthur: Dad, Moon Boots would actually prolong the life of my sneakers.
D.W. : And what about your beautiful new coat?
(Arthur is cross while eating dinner and Kate laughs.)

Reads House: Kitchen

(Arthur shows his parents a chart while they are putting away dishes.)
Arthur: And I'll let you and Dad use them whenever you want.
David: Well, I don't know about that, but if you want Moon Boots, you'll have to buy them with your own money.
Jane: That way you'll appreciate them more.
D.W.: Like the way you appreciate me.

Reads House: Arthur's Room

(Arthur looks into the piggy bank and he finds a note inside.)
Arthur: (reading note) I owe myself 4 dollars and 30 cents. Sincerely, Arthur.

Reads House: Laundry Room

(Arthur looks for the money in the green pants.)
Arthur: Hmm. (pulling out a brown penny from pocket and frowns)

Reads House: Living Room

(Arthur looks for the money in the couch.)
Arthur: Huh? (pulling out a lollipop from sofa while sighing) I was wondering where that went. (puts lollipop in mouth while passing fireplace then notices a picture of Grandma Thora on mantle)
Arthur: A-ha!

Grandma Thora's House

(Grandma Thora is playing cards in the kitchen.)
Arthur: Hi, Grandma. Look what I brought.
Grandma: Arthur, they're lovely. Now you're not here about your Moon Boots, are you, because your parents already called me.
Arthur: They did?
Grandma Thora: Yes, and they told me not to give you any money and I have to respect their wishes. While you're here though, why don't we sit down and we'll play a nice long game of Canasta.
(Arthur and the flowers frown down.)

Reads House: Living Room

(D.W. and Jane play checkers on the table.)
D.W.: King me!
Jane: D.W., I told you. You have to get to my back row to be kinged.
D.W.: I know, I'm just liked saying it.
Arthur: My calculations may be off, but I figured at the rate I'm going by the time I save enough money for the Moon Boots, I'll be 109 years old.
Jane: You know, Arthur, there are plenty of ways to earn money right around here.
D.W.: (putting checker down) King me!

Outside from Arthur's House

(Arthur is in the lemonade stand while making lemonade.)
Arthur: Lemonade! Arthur's ice cold lemonade! Come and... (A brown dog steals the bag of lemons.) Hey! Hey you, get back here! Bring that back!
(The brown dog runs away quickly but Arthur crosses out the lemonade stand sign and puts up Kissing Booth. The girls arrive.)
Beulah : Kissing Booth? (with others while laughing) EEEW!
(Arthur crosses out the Kissing Booth and adds fortune teller and wears a fortune teller hat with a crystal ball on table.)
Arthur: Fortunes, come find out your future. I am gifted with the rare power to see into the future.
(The rain comes in and the thunder crashes and Arthur goes inside the house. Jane looks at the window and comes downstairs.)
Arthur: (coming in the house all wet) Boy, by the time I get enough money to buy Moon Boots, people will actually be living on the moon.
Jane: Aw! (hugging Arthur while kissing on cheek)
Arthur: Why couldn't you have done that when I had the kissing booth?

Reads House: Arthur's Room

(Arthur jumps on the bed and D.W. arrives.)
D.W.: You know, Arthur, I still have some of my birthday money left.
Arthur: You do?
D.W.: Yes, and I could lend you some if you wanted.
Arthur: Really? (jumps out of the bed and hugs D.W.)
D.W.: Of course, if you loan me the money, you'll have to be my servant and do all my chores and call me "Your highness" for a whole year.
Arthur: Fat chance and I take my hug back!
D.W.: Okay, but remember it's a limited time offer.

Reads House: Living Room

(On TV, the fourth graders are in their regular boots with cobwebs all over the playground.)
TV Announcer: Uh, regular boots? (shot cuts to the fourth graders wearing Moon Boots) Moon Boots!
(Steve and the bunny girl rides on the see-saw with Moon Boots on. The bunny boy in the orange shirt and the cat girl do cartwheels and make hi-5.)
Announcer: Enough said.
Arthur: (seeing a Moon Boots commercial) I just gotta get Moon Boots.
Jane: Arthur?
Arthur: Yes?
Jane: I was noticing that the garage has gotten quite cluttered and the floor is in need of a good sweeping. Now since that's not one of regular chores, I think we can give you two dollars to do it.
Arthur: Thanks, Mom. (leaves)

Reads House: Garage

(Arthur is sweeping while having a garage sale. Mrs. Tibble arrives.)
Arthur: Hello, Mrs. Tibble.
Mrs. Tibble: Arthur, if you're going to have a garage sale, you should really put up a sign. (looking at necklace) I'll play 5 dollars for this.
Arthur: Oh, it's really not for...
Mrs. Tibble: Alright, 10 dollars and not a penny more.
(holding up the 10 dollar bill) (Arthur thinks about the Moon Boots.)
Arthur: Sold!
Mrs. Tibble: Do I pay your or your parents?
Arthur: Oh uh, me. You pay me.
(Mrs. Tibble smiles and gives Arthur the 10 dollar bill.)

Mill Creek Mall Toy Store

(Arthur gives the employee the 10 dollar bill for the Moon Boots and the "$10.00" sign is shown on the cash register.)

Reads House: Arthur's Room

(Arthur puts the box on the bed and opens it showing Moon Boots.)
Jane: (off-screen) Arthur!
(Arthur hides the Moon Boots behind the pillow.)
Jane: The garage looks very nice, Arthur. (giving dollar bill) See, Arthur? A little work and you're a little closer of getting your moon boots.
(Arthur looks at the Moon Boots hiding behind pillow.)

Reads House: Backyard

(Arthur puts on Moon Boot on his right foot.)
David: Arthur? Oh, there you are. Your mother told me you volunteered to clean the garage.
Arthur: (putting Moon Boots down) Uh, yeah, yeah, I did.
David: I hope you put everything back where it was because I hid Mom's birthday present out there. It's that necklace she wanted. Did you put it back where you found it?
Arthur: Oh.
David: Okay, great. (leaves)
Arthur: (to Pal) Do you think maybe he'll forget about the necklace?
(Pal barks.)
Arthur: (sighs) I didn't think so but it was worth a try.

Dad's Catering Room

Arthur: Dad, I didn't exactly put the necklace back but I'm going to go get it, okay?
David: Okay. Let me know if you need any help.
(Arthur and Pal leave.)

Mrs. Tibble's House

Arthur: (holding Moon Boots) So that's what happened. As soon as I return the Moon Boots, I can give you your 10 dollars back.
Mrs. Tibble: Well, you're a very honest young man, Arthur.
Arthur: Then I can have the necklace back?
Mrs. Tibble: Of course. Let me just get this pile of leaves picked up before the wind starts again.
Arthur: I'll help.
Mrs. Tibble: (raking leaves while Arthur holds the bag) I just get them raked up and more falled.
Arthur: Hey, Mrs. Tibble, I think I have an idea.
(Later, Arthur puts on his Moon Boots when Buster arrives.)
Buster: Hey, Arthur. Cool Moon Boots. Can I try 'em?
Arthur: Sorry, Buster, I have to do some chores with Mrs. Tibble. She said if I got all the leaves, she'd give me back the necklace I sold her.
Buster: Okay, but can I try the Moon Boots while you rake?
Arthur: Sorry, Buster, but I need 'em. (bounces up with Moon Boots and rakes up the leaves on tree and Buster watches) I promised I'd rake all the leaves.