(At a camp lake, Buster and Binky are standing on a deck, but Binky puts his toes in and freezes up)

Binky: (shivers) That's cold! (he bumps into Buster and they both fall into the lake)

Binky: This water is f-freezing!

(The Brain swims across the lake)

Arthur (to Binky and Buster): HEY, WATCH IT!

Arthur (now to the viewers): Do you know why parents send their kids to camp? For punishment! Oh sure, some of it is fun, but a lot of it isn't.

(Flashback sequence of last year when Arthur and his friends ate camp food, pretty much all of them are disgusted)

Arthur: It looks like a regular hamburger, right? WRONG! It's a wormburger! And on Monday, they serve Macaroni and Fleas!

(Flashback of when mosquitoes got into Arthur's tent)

Arthur: And how can you sleep with those hungry mosquitoes trying to break into your tent?

(A tornado develops and sucks up the tent. Everyone in Arthur's tent screams)

Arthur: It can get pretty scary here at night. BUT... the scariest thing of all is...

(Muffy, Sue Ellen, Prunella, and Francine all run and jump into the lake, splashing all the boys)

Arthur: THE GIRLS!


(Today is the day that all of the kids go to summer camp. They say goodbye to their parents and board the bus.)

David Read: Now Arthur, we want to know everything you're doing. So write us every day!

Arthur: Oh Dad, do I have to?

Jane Read (carrying a stack load of envelopes): I made it as easy as I could for you! They're all stamped and addressed! All you have to do is write a little note and mail them off! (kisses Arthur on the cheek)

Arthur: Oh, alright.

Buster: Let's make sure we get a tent together, ok? Brain too! He brought part of his collection.

Brain: 136 copies!

D.W.: ARTHUR! ARTHUR! You almost forgot your Bionic Bunny underwear!

Arthur: D.W.!

(Francine and Prunella giggle)


(Everybody says goodbye as Arthur boards the bus. Once on the bus, Arthur sits next to Francine. Then, the bus departs for Camp Meadowcroak.)

Binky: Hey Arthur! (summons him)

Arthur: (sits next to Binky) So, what is it?

Binky: You can't talk to Francine, she's a girl! I was here last year and it's always boys against girls!

Arthur: Why?

Binky: That's a baby question!

Arthur:  No it's not! Why is it always boys against girls?

Binky: Because... as far as the girls are concerned, we're the enemy. But I'm gonna get the jump on them. (digs in his backpack and gets out itching powder) GRADE A INDUSTRIAL STRENGTH ITCHING POWDER! JUST WATCH! (attempts to put it on Prunella, but the bus hits a bump, making the powder go all over Binky. He gets super itchy as everyone on the bus laughs)

Sue Ellen: Is that our camp?

Binky: That's Camp Horsewater! Those kids are REALLY tough!

(At Camp Horsewater, the counselor blows his whistle and the campers workout by lifting weights)

Bunny Horsewater Camper: Hey, looks like the new batch of Meadowcroak pipsqueaks!

Red Haired Cat Horsewater Camper: Wait till they see what we've got in store for them! GRRRR!

Horsewater Campers: (laugh)

(Everyone has arrived at Camp Meadowcroak. They get off the bus.)

Counselor Becky: Welcome to Camp Meadowcroak! I'm Becky, your counselor! Now, circle up and I'll tell you what we've got planned for the next week! One thing we always look forward to is our annual scavenger hunt against Camp Horsewater. The winning team gets the all-camp scavenger hunt grand trophy!

Arthur (in excitement): HEY!

Binky (whispering): Forget it, Arthur. Camp Horsewater's won it three years straight!

(A limo arrives and out comes Muffy)

Muffy: Hello everyone! Sorry that I'm late, I had a hair appointment!

(Bailey gets Muffy's fur coat)

Millicent Crosswire: I don't think Muffy will need her fur coat.

Muffy: But Mumsy, what if there's a chilly evening?

Ed Crosswire: Can you tell us where we can connect our little Muffin's air conditioner?

Counselor Becky: (sighs)

(Everyone goes to their tents and unpacks. Arthur is with Buster, the Brain, and Binky in his tent)

Binky: Let's see, sneezing powder, stink bombs, wind-up mice...

(Buster and the Brain snicker)

Arthur: Binky, you shouldn't pull that stuff on the girls!

Binky: Why not?

Arthur: Well, how would you like it if someone did that to....

(clanging noise, then giggles)

Binky: Huh?

Arthur: What's that?

Binky: Let's see.

(The boys go outside and see that their clothes are on the flagpole)

Arthur: OH NO!

(The girls giggle. This angers Arthur and goes up to them.)


(Now at nighttime, Arthur writes his first letter to his parents)

Arthur: Day 1... Dear Mom and Dad, IT'S WAR! We made a surprise attack on the enemy today, but they were too tricky!

(Arthur, Buster, Brain and Binky run in the woods, but they fall into a trap. The girls laugh at them)

(Back at home, Jane reads the letter)

Jane: Tomorrow, we go head to head in the canoe race. It doesn't look good for our side.

(Arthur and Buster gain the lead past Sue Ellen and Francine in the canoe race)

Arthur: ALRIGHT!

(However, they crash into a rock, which ultimately causes Sue Ellen and Francine to win)

Sue Ellen: (giggles)

Arthur (continues writing): I don't know how much longer we can hold out against the girls. I can't tell you where I'm writing from; it's a secret! JUST GET ME OUT OF HERE!

Brain: (smells something unusual)

Arthur: What is it? (goes outside and sees a skunk in a cage) OH NO! AAAAAAH!

(All the boys panic in screams in their tent and run off)

(Now, at nighttime in the tent, the Brain reads a comic book to Arthur, Buster, and Binky)

Brain: A mutant creature of the slime, swam revenge on all living things, trembled humans everywhere!

(Scary noises, the boys become frightened)

Buster: W-what was that?

Binky: Um, nothing, keep reading!

Brain: Nothing can stop the hideous midnight....

(Scary noises continue, the boys scream)

Arthur: Relax you guys, it's probably just Francine trying to pull another one!

Buster: Yeah, you're right. Come on, we'll teach them a lesson!

(The boys go outside and investigate the sound. Arthur shines a flashlight in the distance.)

Arthur: Alright Francine, we know you're out there! You don't scare us! 

(The boys notice tracks and all get frightened.)

Arthur: What's that?!

Binky: M-midnight ghoul?!

(The boys run and scream, but bump into the girls.)

Francine: See? I told you they were trying to scare us with those noises!

Arthur: It wasn't us! It was the midnight ghoul!

Sue Ellen: Hey, these aren't ghoul tracks, these are bear tracks!

Everyone: BEARS?!

(Muffy and Prunella scream)

Francine: It's Muffy and Prunella!!!

(It turns out that the Horsewater kids are making all the noise)

Bunny Horsewater Camper: Okay guys, that's enough. Let's get back to Horsewater! (run off, but the dog camper makes the bear track using a bear stamper)

Sue Ellen: Those rotten rats!!

Francine: Let's get them!

Arthur: I've got a better idea!

Francine: What? Like hide in your tent under the blankets?

(Francine and Sue Ellen giggle)

Arthur: We can fix them tomorrow at the scavenger hunt if we all work together. But we'll have to call it truce.

(Everyone else and disagrees and protests)

Arthur: Well, that's how you feel. I sure had a stupendous sure-fire plan!

Everyone: ARTHUR, WAIT!

(Now it is the day of the scavenger hunt. Both Camp Meadowcroak and Horsewater have gathered on the campsite.)

Counselor Becky: And finally, the last item the team must find to win the scavenger hunt is a spotted frog! Everybody ready? Scavenger hunt starts in 5 seconds! 3, 2, 1... GO!

(Both camps run and find things on their list)

Arthur (to Francine): Be careful, I hear that there's a hungry bear in the woods!

Francine: A bear? Oooooh......

(The horsewater kids snicker and give eachother a thumbs up)

Francine: We had a ton of balloons at the lake party.

Arthur: (spots the balloon on a boat) GOT IT!

Bunny Horsewater Camper: Wrong, I GOT IT, SUCKER! (laughs and runs off)

Francine: Hey, that's ours!

Arthur: Hey you, get back here!

(Meanwhile, Prunella and the Brain work together to find something on the list)

Brain: Blue sunglasses. This one will be easy, I've got some in the tent.

Red Haired Cat Horsewater Camper: Thanks, pal!


(The red haired cat horsewater camper grabs the glasses in the tent and runs off)

Red Haired Cat Horsewater Camper: Give up, no way you're gonna win!

(Sue Ellen goes into the creek to get the frog, but the Dog Horsewater Camper grabs it and runs)

Sue Ellen: HEY!

Dog Horsewater Camper: Gotta be faster than that to catch frogs!

(It's sunset and the gang only found one thing on their list)

Binky: The only thing we found on the list is your flashlight. The way I see it, we've already lost!

Francine: Arthur, they're going to win! When are you going to put your sure-fire plan into action?

Arthur: Well, I think it's finally dark enough! Okay everybody, let's go!

Horsewater Campers: We're #1! We're #1! Yeah Yeah! We're #....

(Bear roar noise)

Dog Horsewater Camper: Did you hear that?

Francine: HELP! A BEAR!

Other Meadowcroak Campers: HE'S AFTER US! A BIG BEAR! HE'S HUGE!

Horsewater Campers: (frantically panic)

(The "bear" runs out and chases the Horsewater campers)

Horsewater Campers: (gasp and climb a tree)

Arthur: Quick! Scare him away! Throw something at him!

(The Horsewater kids begin to throw their stuff at the bear and he catches everything)

Bunny Horsewater Camper: Hey, that bear's an awfully good catch! Something fishy's going on here! (The frog hops out of the bag and lands into the "bear")

(The bear is really The Brain as he runs across the finish line winning the scavenger hunt for Camp Meadowcroak. All the Meadowcroak campers cheer.)

Arthur: WE WON! WE WON!

(The frog lands in Sue Ellen's arms as she giggles)

Brain: Counselor Becky, you'll see that our team has secured every item on your list!

Counselor Becky: Not quite. There's one more item!

Brain: Huh, what is it?

Counselor Becky: A postcard!

Arthur: A postcard? A postcard! Where did I put it? (digs through his pockets and finds the postcard) AHA! A POSTCARD!

(The campers cheer.)

Arthur: (accepts the all camp scavenger hunt trophy from Counselor Becky) Three cheers to us! We're a team!

Everyone: (cheers) MEADOWCROAK! MEADOWCROAK! WE'RE #1! (cheers more)

Arthur: Dear Mom, Dad, D.W., and Kate, Camp is Great! I want to come back next year! Love, Arthur!