Arthur Goes to the Library is a board game released by Milton Bradley in 1996. It is for ages 4–7 and for 2-4 players. It comes with a cardboard bookcase, four cardboard backpacks, sixteen cards, sixteen book tokens, sixteen pawns, a spinner, and instructions.

Summary Description

From the back of the box:

"Arthur and his friends have each borrowed an Arthur book from the library. Now try to guess who has which book! Spin the spinner and find the matching stand-up character. Then guess which book is shown on the card underneath that character. If you guess correctly, you win that card and collect its matching book token. If you're wrong remember where that book is so you can try again later. When all 16 books have been removed from the bookcase, the game is over. If you collected the most book tokens, you win the game."

Character Pieces

The game comes with sixteen character tokens, small, cardboard cutout on bases. The characters are Arthur, Brain, Binky, Buster, David Read, D.W., Fern, Francine, Mr. Haney, Jane Read, Baby Kate, Muffy, Mr. Ratburn, Pal, Prunella, and Sue Ellen.

Book Tokens

The game comes with sixteen book tokens, pieces of cardboard with the actual cover art of an actual Arthur book on each one. The books include Arthur's Birthday, Arthur's Chicken Pox, Arthur's Eyes, Arthur Babysits, Arthur's Valentine, Arthur's Teacher Trouble, Arthur's Baby, Arthur's Tooth, Arthur's Pet Business, and Arthur's New Puppy.


  • This game breaks the fourth wall, as the characters are borrowing real Arthur books.

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