"Arthur and Los Vecinos"

Arthur and Los Vecinos

Arthur and Los Vecinos Title Card

Season/Series: 6
Number in season: 5B
Original Airdate: Flag of the United States October 22, 2001[1]
Flag of Canada January 9, 2002[2]
Written by: Cusi Cram
Storyboard by: Patricia Atchison
Elie Klimos
"The Boy Who Cried Comet"
"Citizen Frensky"
"Arthur and Los Vecinos" is the second half of the fifth episode in the sixth season of Arthur.


Mr. Sipple from next door is moving away and Arthur wonders—who will be the new neighbors? When Alberto and his family settle in, Arthur makes a new friend and learns about a different culture ... and about a comic book character named Conejo Bionico, which is Spanish for Bionic Bunny!


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  • This episode marks the first appearances of The Molinas.
  • First episode written by Cusi Cram.
  • Fully translated to English, the title card reads, "Arthur and the Neighbors"
  • The Justin Bradley version of this episode story is available on the VHS and DVD editions of Arthur's Family Fun.

Cultural References

  • In the swimming title card, Arthur says “Hola!”, which is Spanish for “Hello!”
  • At one point, Arthur remarks, “The only people who wear bow ties are nerds and waiters and that science guy on TV”. This is a reference to Bill Nye The Science Guy.
  • When Arthur goes up the stairs to Alberto’s room, he speculates on what it would be like, assuming there would be posters of bands. In his fantasy, one of the posters reads “Mute Cheetah”, a parody to the band “Def Leppard”.
  • The hot tomato is a parody of “Hot Potato”.


  • If one looks closely as the camera pans to the right while Vicita is bouncing on the trampoline, it can be seen that the ripple effect on the trampoline stops.
  • The Hot Tomato goes from 36 seconds to just three seconds when it is in a closeup.