Arthur and the Poetry Contest
Arthur and the Poetry Contest
Author Marc Brown
Stephen Krensky
Publication date December 1, 1999
Published by Little, Brown Books For Young Readers
ISBN 0316122955
Publication Order
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Muffy's Secret Admirer
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Buster Baxter, Cat Saver
Arthur and the Poetry Contest is the eighteenth Arthur chapter book, based on the Season 1 episode, "I'm a Poet."


Arthur's class is holding a poetry contest. When Fern is the only one who enters, she dares Arthur and his friends to write a poem - or else enroll in the poetry club for a whole year! They quickly agree to the challenge but discover that writing poetry is much harder than they thought. Will Arthur, Buster, Francine and Muffy be able to write poems good enough to read in front of the whole class?

Differences between the book and the cartoon

  • In the cartoon, Fern says that Binky couldn't write a poem even if he tried. In the book, she says he couldn't if his life depended on it.
  • The infamous scene where Buster falls from the tree into Arthur's lap is changed to him landing next to Arthur.

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