At Home in Madison is a song performed in the Postcards From Buster episode "Among the Hmong." It was written by Glen Berger and Claudio Ragazzi.


If you don't say hello
To a person you don't know,
That person will remain
A stranger.

And if you don't explore
Where you've never been before,
You don't know that
It's no danger.

So, so long friends and kin,
And hello to Madison.
Whatcha doing? How've you been?
It's good to see you, come on in.

It's great to feel at home
In Madison.

Other folks throughout the years
Have overcome their fears,
And left the home they had
For someplace new.

I'm alone, but I'm not lonely.
On my own, but I need only
To wear a grin to feel at home
In Madison.

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