Bitzi's Car

Bitzi's car

The "Baxtermobile",[1] given its nickname by Buster, is a light green 2-door coupe owned and driven by Bitzi Baxter.


Bitzi's car is light green on the exterior and has stacked round headlamps and red rectangular taillights. The interior is half gray and half tan, and has gray cloth bench seats with light brown accents, and a bluish-green steering column with an automatic transmission gear shift mounted on it. Its license plate reads "MOBO".

In some episodes, the car has been shown to be incredibly rundown and dysfunctional, suffering from rusted doors, poor air conditioning, worn upholstery, a damaged CD player, and would spit out nuts and bolts from the back when in drive.






  1. "Welcome to the Super Cool Cooking Class Carpool! All aboard the Baxtermobile!"Buster Baxter to Muffy Crosswire, "Buster's Carpool Catastrophe"

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