"New! New! NEW! From Rabid Dog Extreme, the radically rabid Big Boss bar! So full of super energizing goodness, your mouth might just explode! A million sparkles in every bite! You'll flip for the bar from Rabid Dog!"
– the TV commercial, "To Eat Or Not To Eat"

Big Boss Bar
Arthur S15 E5-1 - To Eat or to Not to Eat - YouTube 0001
Item Type

Candy Bar



First Appeared (cartoon)

"To Eat Or Not To Eat"

The Big Boss Bar is a candy bar made by Rabid Dog. Its only known appearance was in "To Eat Or Not To Eat."

The candy bar is known to have tri-enzomated zorn jelly which can have highly addictive effects. Brain also informed Buster that radioactive elements could be traced in it and apparently after it wore off, the eater's bodies became sluggish from lack of sugar from the candy bar.

At first, Buster wanted to eat it, until he began to notice how everyone around him (mainly Fern and George) who had one was beginning to act. The kids would become hyper with their mouths literally sparkling as they all experienced an extra burst of energy, but within days started experiencing exhaustion and delirium. This led him to do some investigations of his own and eventually confront the maker of said bars. After learning of the bar's addictive effects and of the company head's unwillingness to eat his own product, Buster's mother published an expose on the true nature of the Big Boss Bars. Afterwards, people stopped buying them altogether.