Big Kid Song
Name Big Kid Song
Artist D.W., Bud
Runtime 1:15
Played in The Last Day
"Big Kid Song" is a song that D.W. and Bud sing while they are trying to figure out how to be a big kid in preparation for kindergarten. It is composed by Steve D'Angelo.


DW: Well, if you want to act like them...


DW: Complain about your homework

Bud: And be afraid of tests

DW: When your little sister wants to play, Tell her that she's a pest

Don't play around or make a mess

Bud: Or with your dinosaur have tea

Together: 'Cause if you want to be a big kid, This is how you have to be

DW: Be grumpy in the mornings

Bud: Read books all through the night

DW: Even when you know you're wrong, Pretend that you are right

When you're angry, stomp upstairs

Bud: When you're happy, don't say 'Whee!'

Together: 'Cause if you want to be a big kid, This is how you have to be

But the most important thing of all, Is to always play it cool

DW: This is what we'll have to do

Bud: This is how we'll make it through

Together: When we go to big kid school

(music ends)

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