"Bully for Binky"


Bully for Binky Title Card

Season/Series: 1
Number in season: 23a
Original Airdate: Flag of the United States November 6, 1996[1]
Flag of the United Kingdom December 23, 1999
Flag of Germany January 14, 2002[2]
Written by: Joe Fallon
Storyboard by: Gerry Capelle
"Team Trouble"
"Misfortune Teller"
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"Bully for Binky" is the first half of the twenty-third episode in the first season of Arthur.


Binky gets a taste of his own medicine when someone finally stands up to his bullying.


Binky comes and takes brain's cupcake Arthur tells the viewers that binky is the biggest bully in school even in preschool

The scene cuts to Arthur as a child about to color a rainbow. binky as a child steals his crayons and gives Arthur a white one.

Arthur then tells the viewers that he doesn't even take a day off during holidays. the scene then cuts to Arthur and buster watching a parade when binky pushes them. Arthur tells him that he can't see. Binky tells him that he'll have to wait until they grow up.

The scene then cuts back into the cafeteria with binky forceing him to give him a piece of his cookie. Arthur then tells the viewers that what you can do a bully that is also huge.

After the title card Arthur's friends disscus the binky problem in the library. binky then whizzes through riding a ladder. Arthur tells that they need a anti binky plan. Brain examines binky. He's strong his cumbersome feet root him solidly into the ground. Arthur tells that like a tree execpt without the birds a tree that can chase after you. Francine tells that she can't think of any weaknesses.

The scene cuts to a basketball game when binky steals the ball from George. Buster says he got it. Binky likes dessert especially other kids desserts buster says that we can feed him so much that he'll get too slow to chase us. Arthur tells that it isn't a good idea since he'll sit on us. brain tells that there is no one to challenge binky. It cuts back into the basketball game with binky shooting the ball but it bounces back into the middle of Sue Ellen's jumprope. Binky then tells that did you lose your count on your little jump rope. Sue Ellen then tells the she was trying to get the record. Binky then tells are you talking to me pipsqueak Which sue Ellen replys yes and she demands a apology. Francine then tells sue ellen hasent been to this school very long that's binky barns. Binky tells her to get to know the name BI N KY BARNES. Sue Ellen tells if he apologizes for being rude she'll apologize for calling him clumzy. APOLOGIZE binky says maybe you'd rather fight me. Sue Ellen reples okay. WHAT DID YOU SAY says binky causeing everyone to be shocked. Sue Ellen says that she said okay and she'll not some big bully push me around. Oh yes you are says binky I don't think so I'll see you after school play ground 3:00 P.M says sue Ellen. Binky says right 3:00 P.M before telling what are you looking at? Buster says Halley's comet. Binky looks around only of find out that the gang has ran away.

The scene then cuts to the class playing music when miss krasny Gives the pieces for the recital. Francine tells that can we do a duet for drums and tuba. Buster and francine then play a duet. Miss krasny tells that the first piece will be clarinet and alto sax (which happend to be binky and sue ellen) arthur notice that binky looks kind of scared of sue Ellen. Sue Ellen whispers to binky.

After school rattles says that he cannot see sue ellen anywhere. molly replies that she's too scared of binky. Binky says that she has to go to a Korean cooking class tak won do. Molly says it's that martial arts thing that they do on sports world.

they then watch tv on tai won do exhibition. The woman chops a car which causes binky to be shocked.

the scene cuts to the cafeteria which Binky tries to steal buster's frozen yougrt when Sue Ellen reminds him that to meet at 3:00.

the scene cuts outside of the school. Binky imanges Sue Ellen kicking a basketball pole causing it to fall. binky then says that he'll deal with her on Monday. They watch a movie when sue ellen interrupts binky that she was waiting for him this afternoon and the'll fight on Monday

the scene cuts to outside the school with sue ellen saying that binky isn't here. arthur says that he is voluerting to clap erasers after school. Sue Ellen says that binky is scared and tells what happened to the last guy that fought him. Arthur replys that he doesn't know with francine wondering if binky ever fought a guy. Later binky comes when francine tells him that sue ellen left because she thinks that binky is scared. Binky then tells that mabye you liked to take her place. a few seconds binky tells that he wanted to talk to you guys. Later he tells that he can't tald to molly and rattles because they wouldn't understan and he never fought anybody before because they ran away And binky is worried that he might hurt sue Ellen. Francine says if you weren't picking fights and trying to scare everyone you wouldent have this problem. Binky says that that's what I'm good at. Francine says that binky should use some of that energy for something constructive like music. Binky says that's a good idea to humiliate her.

At the recite binky says that before we begin our classical piece we will play improvisational jazz. binky then plays his clarinet Which the people appluase to. Then sue Ellen plays her alto sax which the people enjoy more than binky. Binky then lives when Arthur says that everybody's looking for you. binky says that sue ellen is beat him. Arthur then tells that beating everybody isnt the most important thing. Arthur says that they actually like you I know that together you and sue ellen sounded the best of anyone. binky plays the rest of the song.

the next day binky tries to steal a donut only to find out that sue Ellen is there and gives back the dount. Arthur tells the viewers that that is one anti binky problem as he is showing a drawing of sue ellen.






  • Binky and Arthur were in pre-school together, according to this episode.
  • It is unknown which holiday they were celebrating in the flashback.
  • A recycled clip of a man walking a dog outside the library is seen.
  • This episode apparently takes place a little while after the events seen in "Sue Ellen Moves In", judging by Francine's comment.
  • If you listen closely, you can hear exactly what Sue Ellen is whispering to Binky as an excuse ("Um, Binky, I'm not going to be able to come because I've got Tae Kwon Do. Sorry.").
  • Sue Ellen has a Tae Kwon Do watch.
  • None of the children's parents, except for Binky's father, seem to be at the recital.
  • First appearance of Ms. Krasny.
  • This episode is 4 episodes after Sue Ellen Moves In


  • None of the children's parents, except for Binky's father, seem to be at the recital.
    • In addition, Arthur's little sister, grandfather, and grandmother.
  • Binky's father looks more like his son than usual when he's in the audience.

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