Cooking Class

Francois Puffeau: Today we make the most important food the world has ever known. Who can tell me what this food is?

Buster Baxter: The potato chip?

Muffy: Chicken Lickin's chix-stix with cheddarola?

Arthur: A fancy pastry filled with fruit?

Puffaeu: No, no, no. The "chip" is filled with the trans fats. Very unhealthy, mon ami! Better you should eat dirt! Mademoiselle, if you mention the name of this "Chicken Lickin" in my class again, you will be asked to leave. Monsieur Read, I will teach you to make the fruit pastry as I promised, but first you must learn to crawl before you walk. No, today, we make bread. Flour, water, yeast. And a little pinch of salt.

Arthur: I'm never going to make something for my dad in time for his birthday.

Muffy: Chef Puffaeu is a genius. He cannot be rushed.

Buster: How do we know he's a genius? We've been in this class for two weeks and I haven't tasted a cookie.

Muffy: He's famous. Didn't you ever see Preparing with Puffaeu?

Arthur: My dad watched that show. It was cancelled when Puffaeu yelled at the audience for clapping too loudly and ruining his souffle.

Puffaeu: Et voila! We let the dough rise, we bake it, and finally, we have this.

Buster: Can I taste it?

Puffaeu: No! This class is not about this. It is about... this. The process. The journey!

Buster: So... can I taste this?

Crosswires' Mansion

Muffy: Bailey, which is a better title for my cooking show? Crosswire's Classy Kitchen, or Muffy: Master Chef?

Bailey: Both are excellent. However, the term "master" may be a tad presumptuous when one has only ever made a sandwich. There seems to be something wrong with the limo.

Muffy: Oh, we can't be late. If you're late, Chef Puffaeu makes you peel onions for the entire class.

Bailey: Fear not, Miss Muffy. I'm sure you can go with one of the other students.

Buster's Condo

Bitzi: We've already agreed to drive Arthur this week, but I think we can squeeze in one more. See you in a bit. Muffy's car broke down. Sorry, sweetie, it'll be a little crowded in the back.

Buster: Are you kidding? This is going to be great! I'll get some games, and CDs, and we'll pack some snacks! This is going to be a party on wheels!

Crosswires' Mansion

Buster: Welcome to super-cool cooking class carpool! All aboard the Baxtermobile!

Muffy: The "Baxtermobile" is ten minutes late.

Buster: Don't worry, we'll get there with time to spare. My mom is the best driver in Elwood City.

Bitzi's Car

Buster: Okay, so what do we play first? How about "I Spy"? I spot something and you have to guess what is it. I spy with my little eye... something that begins with the letter T.

Muffy: Garbage!

Buster: Garbage? That's a G; I said T.

Muffy: No, there's garbage on the floor of this car.

Arthur: It's not garbage. It's a bag of fruit I brought for the pastry I'm gonna make my dad.

Muffy: Well, please get it away from my side. I don't want fruit getting on my shorts.

Arthur: You'll get food on you anyway. It's a cooking class, remember?

Muffy: It might just be a "class" for you, but for me, it's practice for my cooking show.

Arthur: What's it going to be called? Ordering in with Muffy Crosswire?

Buster: Hey guys! We're still playing I Spy. The letter is T.

Muffy: Ugh! The smell is making me sick!

Arthur: Fine. Buster, could you hand me that bag? My fruit!

Muffy: Oh! Does anyone have a moist towelette?

Bitzi: Okay! How about a little music, hmm? Sorry, I forgot—the CD player is broken.

Muffy: Mrs. Baxter, could you put the air conditioning on? It's a little hot back here.

Bitzi: It is on, dear.

Buster: Why don't you just roll down the window?

Muffy: Aah! My bonnet!

Buster: Tree!

Arthur: What?

Buster: What I spy. With my little eye. It was a tree.

Muffy: Well, you know what I spy? D. Guess what that's for.

Arthur: Donut?

Muffy: No! Disaster! That's what this carpool is.

Cooking Class

Puffaeu: Mademoiselle, the bread will not make itself. Knead it, knead it.

Muffy: I was trying not to make a mess.

Puffaeu: Cooking is messy. Life is messy. You must enjoy the mess. Only sad chefs have clean clothes.

Muffy: Speaking of appearances, what makeup do you recommend wearing in front of the cameras?

Puffaeu: Flour.

Arthur: Monsieur Puffaeu, I brought fruit with me. Maybe after class you can help me with that pastry?

Puffaeu: Oranges, grapes, bananas? No! Puffaeu cannot work with this material. Bring berries. Fresh ones! Everyone! Come!

Buster: What? What? I didn't do anything.

Puffaeu: Exactly! And the dough, it is rising beautifully. Sometimes the chef must relax and let nature do the cooking. Good work, Monsieur Baxter.

Muffy's Room

Muffy: What?! I have to ride in that horrible Baxtermobile again?

Bailey: I'm afraid the mechanic said it would be at least a week before the limo is fixed.

Muffy: So? We'll use a different car. Daddy has tons of them at work.

Bailey: Your father thought this would be a good opportunity to help the environment by carpooling.

Muffy: Looks like I won't be trying my host outfit tomorrow. It'd get ruined in that cramped backseat. But, as long as I'm stuck with Buster and Arthur, I might as well put them to good use.

Bitzi's Car

Buster: Muffy Crosswire: Mister Chef, take one.

Muffy: Master chef!

Buster: So Muffy, how do you like riding in Buster Baxter's super cool cooking class carpool?

Muffy: Next question!

Buster: Okay, if you were on an island, and the only things to eat were worms and beetles, which would it be?

Muffy: Give me that! That's not the type of questions you're supposed to ask. Ask me how I prepare fabulous dishes.

Arthur: Okay. How does Muffy the master chef make fettuccine alfredo?

Muffy: Um, well... first you find an excellent Italian restaurant in your neighborhood, and then...

Buster: Hey, speaking of food, the cafe car of the Baxtermobile is now open. Ta-da.

Arthur: Eggs? Are you crazy? They could crack open and spill on my berries!

Buster: Relax, they're hardboiled. At least the ones with the H written on them are.

Bitzi: Oh dear. "No exit." They're closed our turn-off for road work. Good thing I got this GPS thingy a few days ago.

Muffy: It's not a MotorLoco L-17, is it? Daddy says they're defective.

GPS: Turn right here.

Bitzi: Right? What right?

GPS: Turn right here.

Bitzi: There is no right!

Buster: This one has an H, and this one doesn't. This one just has an I. I wonder what that means.

Bitzi: Hang on, I have to pull over and look at the map.

Buster: Whoa! The eggs!

Arthur: My berries!

Muffy: It's on my shorts!

GPS: You have arrived at your destination.

Cooking Class

Puffaeu: Now you look like a chef, Mademoiselle. These berries are perfect, Monsieur Read. Too bad they're covered in egg. But you three look like you had fun. That is what matters. Now, if you please, peel the onions.

Buster's Condo

Bitzi: Buster, come on! It's your last cooking class. We don't want to be late again. No games for the carpool?

Buster: Why bother? No one will play them. My carpool is a disaster. Let's get this ride over with.

Bitzi: Be out in a sec. I just have to get something.

Bitzi's Car

Muffy: No fruit today?

Arthur: They were out of berries. I guess I'll just get my dad a tie for his birthday.

Bizi: Hey, kids, look in the seat pocket. I think there might be something in there for you.

Buster: Car bingo! I completely forgot about that game. We used to play it on long car rides. You look at the pictures on the card and if you see them outside, you mark it off. First one to get them all in a row shouts "Bingo!"

Arthur: Windmill!

Muffy: Truck!

Buster: Bridge!

Kids: 49 loaves of bread, you take one out, pass it about, 48 loaves of bread in the oven.

Muffy: Hey, I think we're actually going to be early this time.

Side Of The Road

Buster: I'm sorry, Arthur. My carpool was a catastrophe. And now it looks like we'll miss our very last class.

Arthur: That's okay. Hey, look what I bought at the farm stand back there. A tangerine torte. I may not have made it, but my dad sure loves tangerines. And I got us some fresh peaches.

Buster: Thanks. Mmm! That's the best thing I've ever tasted.

Muffy: Okay, I've decided to scrap my cooking show. Instead, it's going to be Muffy Crosswire: Master Mechanic. I was inspired by your mom. Look at her changing that tire. She's amazing! Even though I lost my bonnet, got egg on my shorts, and had to peel onions for an hour, I think I had fun getting to the class than being in the class.

Arthur: Me too.

Bitzi: The Baxtermobile is up and running. If we hurry, we can probably make the last half-hour.

Buster: If it's okay with you, Mom, could we just drive around? We still have 48 loaves of bread to get through.

Arthur: Yeah, and I didn't get a bingo yet.

Muffy: Okay, I'm calling this segment "The Carpool Club Cuts Cooking Class." Take one!