Bitzi's mother
Gender Female
Animal Rabbit
Hair color Reddish-brown
Complexion White
Family Bitzi Baxter (daughter)
Stu (son)
Bitzi's father (husband)
Bitzi's grandfather (father-in-law)
Bo Baxter (son-in-law)
Buster Baxter (grandson)
Buster's cousin (possibly grandchild)
Buster's cousin 2 (possibly grandchild)
Cartoon debut "Buster Makes the Grade"

Bitzi's mother is the maternal grandmother of Buster Baxter.

Physical appearance

She looks very much like Bitzi, but wearing square glasses as opposed to the more stylish ones Bitzi wears, and is older than her. Sometimes she is seen in the background with one of D.W.'s preschool classmates.[citation needed]



Postcards from Buster

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