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"Buster Hits the Books"

Buster Hits the Books

Buster Hits the Books Title Card

Season/Series: 2
Number in season: 11B
Original Airdate: Flag of the United States April 6, 1998[1]
Flag of Canada September 7, 1998[3]
Flag of the United Kingdom July 20, 1999[2]
Written by: Joe Fallon
Storyboard by: J. O'Neill &
I. Tankushev
"D.W.'s Deer Friend"
"Arthur's Faraway Friend"
"Buster Hits the Books" is the second half of the eleventh episode in the second season of Arthur.


For the first time in his school career, Buster has to actually read a book—and he only has one week.


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the episode opens up with Arthur everyone all about the great thing about Books which are all different kinds and some of them we're all stack together, he shows some different kinds of books such as Fiction that's made up, Non-Fiction that's not made up and to Pictures Books and Chapter Books. Arthur shows a book about History and he opens it up and a Cowboy from the Pony Express appeared until he closed the book since History can be really excited and then he shows them a Book about the Ocean until a wave came out as well as Buster while swimming in it, after an angry squid closes the book Buster ask Arthur what was he doing, but before he answered he couldn't hear him because he had something in his ear and turns that a fish got stuck in his ear and went back into the book as well. Arthur was telling Buster all about the great kinds of Books, but Buster doesn't really care about books until Arthur suddenly gasped and knock down one Book and then another until all of the giants books fell like a set of dominos and every sing character from the books came alive after Arthur panic to see it coming.

-Title Card- In class, Mr. Ratburn was writing down a big math problem on the chalkboard. when Buster thought to himself was his brain hurting until Mr. Ratburn tells everyone who knows the math answer and Arthur tells Buster to get it right and Buster ask is it zero and Mr. Ratburn told him he was correct, until at the last the bell rang and everyone got out of there desks just until Mr.  Ratburn tells the class that there book reports are due tomorrow morning. Fern ask Arthur what he's going to write for his Book Report, but Arthur told her he has read alot of good books lately and he's trying to choose to two best. then Brain tells Arthur if he can't dedcide he read a book about Magnetic Fields that he highly recommand. but Fern choose a good book for her report call "the Case of the Creepy Shadow" and then Brain ask Buster what was his book report, but he plans to do what he always does and Book Reports are no sweat. 

that night Buster was at home watching a movie while eating some snacks, Fern was in her bedroom doing her book report, Brain was doing his report on Magnetic Fields by using some Magnets and Arthur studys his book report until his Mom tells him that it was time for bed. 

that morning, Arthur and Buster we're walking to school with there book reports finished. Arthur was a bit tired when he finish his book report all night and he told Buster he had to get up extra early to finish his book report and ask Buster if he finish his and took off his backpack and show him a book called: "Pa-Konong, Creature with the Big Face" and Arthur wished that he would have read this and wonders if he could borrow it, but Buster doesn't thinks so. just then Binky came by on his bicycle until he notice that book that Buster was holding and he once saw it on the Giant Monster Channel last night. after Binky left, Arthur tells Buster why he can't loan that book to him and found out that he did a book report about a movie, and that's what Buster usally does all his book report since he know that all movies come from books. but Arthur just shook his head which means they don't. 

while at the Elwood City Public Library, Buster just paced back and front saying "be a book" and Mrs. Turner looks at her computer and turns that "Pa-Konong, Creature with the Big Face" was never published and there was movie that was released in 1957 and ask Buster if he could like to check out the videocasette, but Arthur said no thank you. Buster told him that this was a tragedy, Arthur ask what he was going to do. he knows his dad was a pilot and he could fly him out of the country but that wasn't a good idea for him and his mom is making him his favorite dinner for tonight and he thinks Mr. Ratburn is going to give him a F for sure and Arthur thinking he'll give him a F- or a G or H. so Buster would just tell Mr. Ratburn before class so that everyone doesn't have to watch him flunk.

at School, Arthur and Buster sneak in the window door as Mr. Ratburn opens his Briefcase and Arthur tells Buster he'll do this and he dedcided as well. hours later as everyone gather in there seats, Arthur ask Buster if he gave him a F. but he didn't and he said he hands in a report on a real book by friday and he won't get penalized and Arthur thinks that's great, but buster cross his elbows on the desk.

at Lunchtime, Buster wasn't eating his meal in which Francine tells Arthur something weird is going on Buster. Arthur then tells why is he sad, and all he needs to do is read a book by friday and it turns out that Buster never have read a whole book in his entire life, then Brain spits out his juice for the shocking thing that Buster said and Francine drop her Sandwhich as well. but Arthur thinks he did and ask him if ever read any of the Scare-Your-Pants-Off Books he and all his friends read and told him he watched the T.V. Show that was based on one of the Books.

at the Playground, Arthur thinks whatever book Buster reads for this report will be the first book he has ever read and he needs suggestions. Brain's first book on Molecularium Theorem that change his life. Francine's first book she did for a report was "Ponies go to Paris" which made the boys digust, and she can't think too hard, she try to read something hard and didn't read something else for a long time because it was hard. then everyone kept thinking of a good book from mystery to short stories until Arthur tells everyone to be silence and gives Buster the latest Scare-Your-Pants-Off book "Curse of the Jumping Peanut".

the next day, Buster walk to school until Arthur and Francine ask how did you enjoy the book, and it turns that he only got to page 2. Francine suggest to read an easier book called "Sam and the Sandwich Factory", Arthur tells Buster to read it right here and don't move until he's done, as Buster begins to read the first part of the page he imagines himself as Sam while taking a tour at the Sandwich Factory and ends up breaking his teeth when he accidently ate a golden sandwich and wonders if there's a Soup Factory. but then Arthur and Francine couldn't find him since he made it to page 3 and see him having Ice Cream at the Sugar Bowl which made him too hungry, so they think it was too hard and they need to find an easier book and they suggest "the Jolly Jollisters" and it was about a family that solves mysteries and there the very happy while they do it. so Buster begin reading one titled "the Mysterious Ink Stain" and he imagines again that the Jolly Jollisters are on a case about this mysterious ink stain which turns out that there dog was the suspect until Buster tells them to be keep it down while he was watching television, then Arthur and Francine again notice Buster stop reading when he was at home in the living room watching television. then they suggest reading a book called "I don't want to go to Akaphazoom" and soon enough Buster tried until he imagines that Illustrations of the book came to life and was reading it in rhyme in a Dr. Seuss style in which boy encounters a car that takes him to Akaphazoom and while riding there he meets some Bongogareemers waving by and Kober's, Bearingters and the piece of the Moons ask to along with him to Akaphazoom until the boy said "let me out" since there was not enough room in the car until it stop by a bridge. then again Buster stopped reading while Arthur and Francine noticed it again while looking through some binoculars and Arthur can't stand why his best friend not like reading.

at Sugar Bowl, Arthur tells Buster why he doesn't know the great stuff he's missing by not reading. so Buster tells him he's not a reader at all and he'll just become rich and pay Brain that simple stuff for him, even though Brain would might not be too busy discovering new planets to read to Buster. so Arthur hands out a book that anyone can finish which about the Color Blue and another one when Buster explains what's that other book, and it was about Robin Hood. Arthur tells Buster if he can really work at it, someday he'll read a book like this. when he handed to Buster. that night when Buster was in his bedroom with his Pajamas on, he begin to read the book all about the color Blue and then he laid his head in bed thinking he can't do it until he came up with an idea.

the next day while Buster was walking to school just until Arthur showed up and ask if he finished it. but Buster told him not really and Arthur told him he was going to flunk and Buster told him he was too tired to finish reading Robin Hood and he was almost done, and it was so excited he couldn't stop. Arthur tells Buster that he can't be a faster reading than him, but Buster's problem was he wasn't just reading that he really likes especially that book about the Color Blue. in Mr. Ratburn's Classroom, Buster ask if it's okay that his book has a cliffhanger ending but he tells him next time and he will be able to finish the book, and Buster thinks he's not going to flunk and he doesn't have to. while walking home Buster tells Arthur that he can't wait to finish reading the next chapter of Robin Hood and Arthur wants to do it now as they go to the Tree House since they we're taking turns reading every single page and Buster thinks it's the best book that he ever read and Arthur thought it was the first.



  • During the Jolly Jollisters segment, you could see Buster watching himself on TV.

Cultural references

  • This episode features parodies of "The Happy Hollisters," (Jolly Jollisters) "Charlie and the Chocolate Factory" (Sam and the Sandwich Company), and the style of stories and illustrations of Dr. Seuss.

Episode connections

  • Buster mentions that his dad is a pilot. In the following episode, Arthur's Faraway Friend, Buster leaves for a couple of months to travel with his dad.
  • There is apparently a Scare-Your-Pants-Off-Club TV show now. Buster mentions that instead of reading the SYPOC books, he watched the TV episodes.


  • At the start, Mr. Ratburn can be seen writing on the blackboard with his left hand, although he is normally right-handed.
  • In "Arthur's Lost Library Book", Buster is seen reading a joke book. However, in this episode it is said he has never read a book before.

Production Notes

  • This is the first episode to use the Stampede as a title card.

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