"Buster and the Daredevils"


Buster and the Daredevils Title Card

Season/Series: 2
Number in season: 3B
Original Airdate: Flag of the United States October 22, 1997[1]
Flag of Germany January 28, 2002[2]
Written by: Peter K. Hirsch
Storyboard by: Grace Lam
"D.W., the Picky Eater"
"Arthur Makes a Movie"
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"Buster and the Daredevils" is the second half of the third episode in the second season of Arthur.


Buster begins keeping bad company in his eagerness to learn his new "friends'" skating tricks. Arthur realizes that they are just having Buster make a fool of himself for their own amusement.


Buster is in the park with his two new friends Toby and Slink, who announce to the kids that Buster the Brave is about to do something amazing right in front of them. Arthur stops the episode (Apparently stopping everyone around him as if they were statues too) and says that this is all wrong.

He remarks that Buster is not brave, and recalls how on Halloween Buster couldn't distinguish costumes from real pirates, aliens, etc., and kept getting freaked out by them. Arthur then remarks how Buster looks nervous, and finds something terrible in the paper bag Slink is holding.

Buster and the Daredevils

Arthur and Buster are found playing in the park with Cyber Toy action figures. They battle each other as their action figures transform into starfighters. They then see two boys, Toby and Slink performing skate tricks around the park, which leaves them in awe.

Thy ask if they can learn them, but Toby and Slink say they're too young, since they just happened to be playing in the sandbox. Arthur pretends that he was finding something, but Toby and Slink run off. The boys later come back to the park with their skateboards and strap-on skates.

They try to imitate the tricks Toby and Slink did, but fail miserably. Toby and Slink come back and make fun of them, but soon run off to go to Comic-mania. Buster decides to go to Comic-mania, and Arthur tags along.

There, they find the first issue of Bionic Bunny vs. Techno Turtle, but Toby and Slink say it's a baby comic, and recommend a cool comic called Peabrain and Nuthead instead. Arthur and Buster don't get the comic, but pretend to like it.

Buster and Arthur later track Toby and Slink to a local restaurant, where they attempt to dress and talk like cool kids. They then ask the boys if they'd be willing to teach them skate tricks, but are turned down flat.

Just as they turn to leave, Slink comes up with an idea and says the boys can hang out with them, but Toby remarks that they have to do a little dare first. The two boys are dared to sing loudly in public out on the street, but Arthur realizes that Toby and Slink may be merely making fun of them.

He then sees his mom and D.W. shopping and goes with them instead, just in time to watch Buster sing Mary Had a Little Lamb in front of the entire town. Everyone is shocked at this humiliating move. Later, the gang goes to the Sugar Bowl, but Buster is still hanging out with Toby and Slink.

He is dared to go to Binky and send him a little message. He tells Binky that his mother eats gym shorts, which outrages Binky. He throws his strawberry sundae at Buster's face, but Buster doesn't mind. Later, Arthur's baseball team faces off against Mighty Mountain, which happens to be Toby and Slink's team too.

When Buster is out on base, Slink dares Buster once more. Buster asks Francine out for advice, and then kisses her! Enraged, Francine chases Buster out of the ballpark, costing Lakewood a potential run. Arthur is fed up with this nonsense and goes to talk to Buster.

This time, Buster has been dared not to talk for the entire day. Arthur points out that if Toby and Slink wanted to be his friends, they wouldn't do these things to him.

Buster agrees and tells Toby and Slink he has had enough, but they coax him in again by telling him they would share with him their sacred knowledge on skate tricks, and that he could join the secret "Brotherhood of Daredevils".

However, he had to do one more dare before he could join. At the park, Arthur and the Brain are playing with their Cyber Toys when Buster shows up with Toby and Slink. They announce that Buster the Brave will do something shocking for them...Slink pulls a jar out of a paper bag, and declares Buster will eat a bug!

Buster takes it, but cannot bring himself to do it, and after Arthur says for him not to do it, Buster tells Slink to eat it! Toby says Slink isn't dumb enough to do that, and Buster realizes that it's stupid to do something just because he was dared.

At that, he ditches Toby and Slink and runs off. Slink blames Toby for ruining everything and the two of them begin fighting over who should eat the bug. Buster goes back to playing with his real friends, and no longer wants to accept anymore dares.







  • The issue of accepting dares arises again in the later episode "Double Dare".
  • The voice actor for Slink in this episode is unknown.

Cultural references


  • Buster says he found Arthur's penny in the sand box, yet pennies are copper, not silver, like the one he is holding.
  • When Toby says Nuthead is a pecan, the background behind him is of the playground instead of comic mania.
  • At the baseball game Arthur's hat is tan but a few shots later when he says "I think I need to talk to Buster" it's red.

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