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This article is about "Cast Away". You may be looking for "Swept Away" or "Carried Away".
"Cast Away"

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Season/Series: 7
Number in season: 1a
Original Airdate: Flag of the United States October 8, 2002[1]
Flag of Canada January 6, 2003[2]
Written by: Dietrich Smith
Storyboard by: Gerry Capelle
"Friday the 13th"
"The Great Sock Mystery"
"Cast Away" is the first half of the first episode in the seventh season of Arthur.


Arthur is thrilled that a weekend of fly-fishing with his dad means no D.W. for two days—but then a change of plans forces them to include her.


The episode opens with Arthur and David going to the new science museum. D.W. wants to go too, but Arthur refuses, saying only he and David are going. But Jane made them take D.W. with them, because Kate's sick and Jane needs some work to be done. At the museum, D.W. becomes scared and wants to see a unicorn exhibit instead. Her father goes with her, much to Arthur's disappointment.

David notices how upset Arthur is, and he offers to take him to Whale Lake on the weekend to teach him how to fly-fish.

He promises D.W. that he will take her where she wants to go the weekend afterward. Unfortunately, there is a change when he gets a phone call and discovers he has to work next weekend. Arthur is okay with this, until D.W. points out that it's not fair how she doesn't get next weekend while Arthur has this weekend and the other weekend that David not going to work. Arthur and David realize she is right and the  plans cause him to take everyone to Whale Lake. D.W. wants to go fishing, but her father refuses saying he's only teaching Arthur to fish. When teaching Arthur how to fly-fish, things go wrong when Arthur's hook repetitively gets caught on a tree while casting. When he successfully does so, he drops his rod in the water, and Arthur falls and sprains his ankle while trying to get it.

When Arthur is forced to stay at camp, his dad takes D.W. fishing. Much to Arthur's surprise, D.W. actually caught fish, thanks to her Mary Moo Cow CD. However, Arthur enviously believes his dad caught them, but his dad explains to him properly that D.W. actually caught them and has evidential photos.

It rains the next day, and Arthur and his father wear ponchos to try to catch fish. When they get back, they learn that D.W.'s Mary Moo Cow CD caused other fish to leap out of the water, much to Arthur's dismay.

When Arthur returns to the lake, his dad tells him he did a nice thing by being nice to D.W. When they are about to leave, Arthur spots the legendary whale in the lake that his dad always wanted to see. D.W. is upset that she didn't see the whale, but she catches a glimpse of it as they drive away, and remarks "Wow".


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  • This is another episode where D.W. cries.
  • Arthur tells D.W. that the last time they went camping, she was surprised when they caught just one fish. This is a reference to the episode, "D.W.'s Deer Friend".
  • Even though the title card has not been narrated on the home video and DVD releases for Arthur's Family Ties, Francine narrates the title card when it aired on television.


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