Fern new cell phone

When the episode does not focus on the cell phone, a generic design is used.

It is owned by many characters and comes in a variety of colors. It has only been used since semi-recent seasons, when having a cell phone became more common. Also, the cell phone could be cheap to buy, this could be a reason that they all have this cell phone.

List by owner






Cell phone
Ladonaas cell phone
Item Type

Cell Phone


Ladonna Compson

First Appeared (cartoon)

"Based on a True Story"

Ladonna owns a cell phone. It has a camera feature, screen, 16 button grid, antenna, and a button cover. She uses it in "Based on a True Story" to try taking a picture of a bald eagle, but is unsuccessful.

Mr. Haney


Cell phone
Muffy oldest cell phone
Item Type

Cell phone


Muffy Crosswire (formerly)

First Appeared (cartoon)

Francine's Bad Hair Day

First Appeared (books)


Muffy's oldest known cell phone is a blue one with 16 buttons and a hinge button-pad cover. As the cell phone was still fairly new in the 1990s, Muffy referred to it as her "cellular phone". The antenna must be lifted for it to get reception.


Pink or yellow?

When Francine asks Muffy for a cell phone to call Brain with in "Friday the 13th", she offers Francine a pink and a yellow phone to choose from. These two phones are similar in design to the blue one, except for the difference in color.


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