"Cheerleader aardvark" is not an official name.
3rd Grade Female Aardvark (Number 11)
Gender Female
Animal Aardvark
Hair color Orange
Complexion Cream
Cartoon debut The Pride of Lakewood

3rd Grade Female Aardvark (Number 11) is an unnamed Mighty Mountain student who made her debut in the episode "The Pride of Lakewood". It is assumed that she is a third grader because she takes part in third grade competitions with her cheer squad. She has been seen in a cheerleader uniform as part of the Mighty Mountain's squad at track and soccer games, and only speaks to yell cheers with the other girls.

Physical appearance

3rd Grade Female Aardvark (Number 11) is an aardvark with a cream complexion. She wears brown glasses and has short brownish-orange hair. She has only been seen wearing her cheerleading uniform, which consists of a red dress with yellow along the neckline, bottom, and sleeves. There are yellow and black stripes along the waistline, and the letters "MM" (for Mighty Mountain) are displayed in yellow and black across the top. She also wears red tennis shoes with the uniform.