Through the looking glasses 63

Brain and Anton play chess

Chess is a board game that some of the kids in Elwood City play.

Season 11

Brain's Shocking Secret

Binky is seen making up the "Leaping-Ninja-Pawn Head Chop" move when he plays against Brain.

Season 13

Brain Gets Hooked

Brain participated in a chess tournament.

Season 14

The Wheel Deal

It is revealed that Lydia Fox likes chess and was ranked as one of the top players in the country.

Season 15

Best Enemies

David Read and Herman Merkles are shown playing chess at the Merkleses' House.

Through the Looking Glasses

Brain is shown playing chess with Anton at the Ice Cream Shop.

Season 16

Brain's Chess Mess

Brain starts a chess club after he loses against Los Dedos in the junior chess championship. Rattles is revealed to be a skilled chess player who teaches Brain and the other club members how to play properly. Rattles' teachings eventually allow Brain to finally beat Los Dedos.