"Ciao Buster"
Season 3, Episode 1
Original airdate November 7, 2008
Location Venice, Italy
Writer Stephanie Simpson
Live-action editor Jeanne Jordan
Field producer Steven Ascher and Jeanne Jordan
Storyboard artist Mitch Manzer
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"Ciao Buster" is the first episode in the third season of Postcards from Buster.


Buster and Bo go on a vacation to the ancient city of Venice, Italy. While he is there, Buster learns all about the transport that involves the use of gondoliers instead of autos. He tries to track the Murano Glass Factory. The Baxters get hopelessly lost among the winding byways, palazzos, alleys and canals.


The episode begins in the Read living room where Arthur and Buster are playing a video game when David shows them a fish from Venice, Italy. D.W. then goes to get Thelma. Arthur and Buster resume playing when suddenly they stumble and broke the fish. Buster decides not to show the cracks on the fish and that they should distract D.W., which made D.W. suspicious.

Later, Buster and his dad reaches Venice, Italy, where they checked in at a hotel. Meanwhile, Arthur is watching a video of Venice when D.W. interrupts him,. saying she heard from Buster about the broken fish. Arthur tells Buster via email that D.W. knows about the broken fish. Later, Buster and Bo goes to meet a family, which showed Buster around Venice. Meanwhile, Arthur is watching more about Venice when D.W. claims she wants a mask. Arthur tells Buster via email that D.W. wants a mask.

Back in the Read living room, Buster and Arthur told David what happened. David explained that he originally broke it and not the boys. Arthur and Buster realized D.W. framed them, which made Arthur shout "D.W.!" In her room, D.W. is talking to Thelma and she sings Row, Row, Row Your Boat over and over, ending the episode.


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