"Clarissa is Cracked"

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Clarissa is Cracked Title Card

Season/Series: 3
Number in season: 12B
Original Airdate: Flag of the United States March 15th, 1999[citation needed]
Written by: Sandra Willard
Storyboard by: Bulent Karabagli
Marcos Da Silva
"What Scared Sue Ellen?"
"Arthur's Dummy Disaster"
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"Clarissa is Cracked" is the second half of the twelfth episode in the third season of Arthur.


Grandma Thora lends D.W. an antique porcelain doll for a week.


The episode begins with D.W. at Grandma Thora's house. D.W. likes Clarissa, the porcelain doll Thora keeps in her cabinet. D.W. asks if she can borrow it and Grandma Thora says she can. D.W. does not take good care of the doll, getting it covered in mud.

On the day D.W. is supposed to return Clarissa, she is jumping on the bed, causing Clarissa to fall and her right eye being broken off. Her parents discover the broken and muddy doll and get mad at D.W. At first, D.W. think they can just get a new one, but Jane said Clarissa is old. D.W. also began to think Grandma Thora won't mind that it broke, until David said the fact that Clarissa is old, doesn't make it okay to break it because it is very special to Grandma Thora. Mr. and Mrs. Read decide to show D.W. how special Clarissa is to Grandma Thora.

They show D.W. and Arthur a scrapbook of pictures from Thora's childhood, where it turns out she got Clarissa as a birthday present and took really good care of her. D.W. feels guilty that she broke Clarissa, but her parents are able to find a doll hospital that could fix Clarissa.

Unfortunately, the doctor is on vacation, so they tried another doll doctor, but he/she is on a six-month plan. D.W. tries fixing it by putting it as a headband, but it didn't work and is worried Grandma Thora will "fire" her as her granddaughter. Arthur soon gets an idea and they enlist the help of Mr. Ratburn who agree to fix it since Clarissa is not too different from his puppets. Two hours later, D.W. comes back fearing that Mr. Ratburn is destroying Clarissa. But the doll turns out to be good as new and he was just making a bookshelf.

Later that evening, Grandma Thora goes to the Read house to get the doll back from D.W. Grandma Thora thinks that D.W. took good care of the doll, but D.W. can't handle the guilt of not telling the truth, so she tells Thora that she broke the doll and got it fixed.

Grandma Thora tells D.W. that she broke Clarissa many times over the years, but got her fixed. Thora says that D.W. was very trustworthy for telling her the truth, and very responsible for getting the doll fixed. Grandma Thora lets D.W. keep Clarissa.






  • When Clarissa is repaired, she appears as if she had never been damaged before, and Grandma Thora even comes out that Clarissa was damaged many times even before D.W. damaged the doll. This is considered a plot hole, because in reality cracks cannot be retracted and would require the use of gelatin-like applications to mask the cracks.


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