Cora 1
Age Older than D.W.[1]
Gender Female
Animal Aardvark
Hair color Brown
Complexion Light peach
Family Richard (father)
Jessica (mother)

David Read (uncle)
Jane Read (aunt)
Arthur Read (cousin)
D.W. Read (cousin)
Kate Read (cousin)
Fred (uncle)
Lucy (aunt)
Lucy's husband (uncle)
Dave (grandfather)
Gustav (great-grandfather)
Jane's great-grandmother (great-great-grandmother)
Jane's great-grandfather (great-great-grandfather)
Matthew (great-great-great uncle)
Book debut D.W. Thinks Big
Cartoon debut "D.W. Thinks Big"
Cora is a cousin of Arthur, Kate, and D.W. Read. Her parents are Aunt Jessica and Uncle Richard.


Jessica, Richard, and Cora stayed the night at Arthur's House to attend Aunt Lucy's wedding the next day. Cora shows D.W. her locket that Aunt Lucy gave her, which she then accidentally breaks and blames D.W. She wore a special dress and crown for her job as the flower girl of the wedding. At the church, Cora yells at Arthur to smile but the distraction makes him lose his balance and throw the wedding ring into the air, landing in the piano's pipe organ. While Cora refused to retrieve the ring and get her dress dirty, D.W. successfully found it, leading Aunt Lucy to make D.W. the new flower girl and let her wear Cora's crown. "D.W. Thinks Big"

In Brain's dream where he was a bug, Cora was seen at Lakewood talking to Nancy. "Bugged"

When Grandma Thora was shopping for her birthday, she decided to buy Arthur the Mutant Muck Monster as a present. "Arthur's Toy Trouble"


Though she only appears once in the series, Cora is portrayed as being spoiled, annoying, and rather rude to the Read family children, especially D.W., but acts like a nice girl when the adults are around. Her bratty nature is later exposed at a wedding. 

Physical appearance

Cora 2

Cora's flower girl clothes

Cora is an aardvark with a light brown complexion. She wears a blue dress, long white socks, and red-and-white sneakers. She has brown, short, curly hair. She wore a lavender dress and white shoes to the wedding since she was the flower girl.






  1. "Arthur and your cousin Cora are older than you, sweetie."Jane Read to D.W. Read, "D.W. Thinks Big"