Cora 1
Age 8[1]
Gender Female
Animal Aardvark
Hair color Brown
Complexion Light peach
Family Richard (father)
Jessica (mother)

David Read (uncle)
Jane Read (aunt)
Arthur Read (cousin)
D.W. Read (cousin)
Kate Read (cousin)
Fred (uncle)
Lucy (aunt)
Lucy's husband (uncle)
Dave (grandfather)
Gustav (great-grandfather)
Jane's great-grandmother (great-great-grandmother)
Jane's great-grandfather (great-great-grandfather)
Matthew (great-great-great uncle)
Book debut D.W. Thinks Big
Cartoon debut "D.W. Thinks Big"
Cora is the cousin of Arthur, Kate, and D.W. Read. In "D.W. Thinks Big", Cora comes with her mom Jessica and dad Richard to stay at the Reads' for Jane and Jessica's sister Lucy's wedding.


Cora is the flower girl for her Aunt Lucy's wedding and because of this she tends to be a bit of a show-off like telling a jealous D.W. that the wedding can't go on without her. She also shows D.W. her locket that Aunt Lucy gave her, which she accidentally breaks and blames it on D.W. Cora shows her mom the locket and Jessica tells D.W. not to play rough with Cora's locket even though D.W. didn't do anything wrong.

That night Cora sleeps in D.W.'s bed while D.W. sleeps on the floor, but Cora asks her mom if she can sleep with her because she hates D.W.'s room and that the awful colors hurt her eyes, but Jessica tells Cora that she's just tired and needs her sleep because she has an important job in the wedding tomorrow, to which Cora replies "That's right. I do." The next day, when the flowers arrive, Jane puts Cora's crown on her head and Richard takes a picture of her. At the wedding, when Cora arrives, she shows off by saying "I'm here everybody! I'm here!" And Grandpa Dave takes Cora to get her pictures taken with the rest of the people in the wedding.

After getting their pictures taken, Arthur (who is the ring bearer) and Cora walk down the aisle, but, before they do that, Cora tells Arthur that making a mistake ruins the whole wedding. While they're walking, Cora tells Arthur to smile but the distraction makes him lose his balance and throw the wedding ring into the air, landing in the piano's pipe organ. Arthur volunteers to go in and get the ring but can't fit in the organ because of his size, so Grandpa Dave suggests Cora but she refuses, saying it's very dirty in there and asks if they can get another ring.

Jessica approaches her and takes her away telling her that she doesn't have to go into the organ. Finally, D.W. volunteers and manages to fit in the organ and bring the ring back out. Because of this, Arthur lets D.W. carry the ring and Aunt Lucy takes off Cora's crown and puts it on D.W.'s head, making D.W. the second flower girl.

At first Cora starts to complain but when Aunt Lucy says her name, Cora says "Oh, all right." and then allows D.W. to be the flower girl too. At the very end, Cora is seen waving good-bye to Aunt Lucy and her husband as they leave for their honeymoon. Cora isn't seen in any more episodes after this, nor is she mentioned by any of the characters.


Though she only appears once in the series, Cora is portrayed as being spoiled, annoying, and rather rude to the Read family children, especially D.W., but acts like a nice girl when the adults are around. Her bratty nature is later exposed at a wedding. 

Physical appearance

Cora 2

Cora's flower girl clothes

Cora is an aardvark with a light brown complexion. She wears a blue dress, long white socks, and red-and-white sneakers. She has brown, short, curly hair. She wore a lavender dress and white shoes to the wedding since she was the flower girl.


  • In Brain's imagination in "Bugged", Cora was seen at Lakewood talking to Nancy. It is unknown if she attends Lakewood in reality.






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