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Crazy Bus
Crazy Bus Cropped
Artist Joe Fallon
Played in "Buster Baxter, Cat Saver", "Play it Again, D.W.", and various episodes
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Crazy Bus
Crazy Bus character
Cartoon debut "Buster Baxter, Cat Saver"

"Crazy Bus" (also known as "The Crazy Bus Song") is D.W.'s favorite song that was written by Arthur writer Joe Fallon. However, her brother Arthur dislikes the song just as much as he dislikes her favorite show, Mary Moo Cow, and he claims that "Crazy Bus" is the worst song ever written, due to the fact that D.W. plays it constantly at his expense. However, D.W. disagrees with Arthur, and says that it is the greatest song ever written. The song was first heard in Buster Baxter, Cat Saver, and has been recycled in some subsequent segments.

In Play it Again, D.W., it is shown that Crazy Bus has a fairly large following, as many of Arthur's friends (Notably Buster) started listening to the song, and also hosted a live concert event. However, no matter how many times it is played, Arthur absolutely detests the song, and on other occasions his friends have said it is terrible.

In the aforementioned episode, D.W. loses her Crazy Bus CD and immediately accuses Arthur of stealing it. However, it was later found that her parents accidentally took it during a mixup with the music they had hoped to play at a high school reunion. Arthur was also horrified to learn that Grandma Thora had given D.W. a tape of Crazy Bus: The Motion Picture.

In Revenge of the Chip, D.W. again claimed that Arthur had stolen the CD when complaining about how everyone was humiliating her over the green chip incident, only to be reminded by Arthur that Mom and Dad had took it by mistake. Fortunately, D.W. doesn't accuse Arthur of this crime nearly as much as she does with the infamous snowball incident.

In My Music Rules, D.W. takes her obsession with the song further when she suggests to Ms. Turner that they get "the guy who wrote Crazy Bus" to play music for the children at the library. They instead get real-life musicians Yo-Yo Ma and Joshua Redman to come and play, and they surprise everyone with their own rendition of Crazy Bus using a combination of classical and jazz music. This version sounded much better than the one D.W. usually plays, and even Arthur finds it to be pretty neat.

In Arthur's Perfect Christmas, once, when Arthur whines about the jingle for the toy Tina the Talking Tabby being on, the radio gets switched to "Crazy Bus" instead, much to his chagrin. Baby Kate also seems to enjoy listening to the song.

D.W. is the biggest fan of Crazy Bus, and in the course of one week played it at least 532 times, according to Arthur. Unfortunately for Arthur, few have acknowledged D.W.'s obsession with the song, even though she plays it nonstop regardless of who it disrupts or where she is present.

She later calls the song a baby song in It's Only Rock 'n' Roll and dismisses the song entirely. This is a reference to Joe Fallon leaving the show, since he was the writer and performer of the song.

In the Arthur's Family Values book Arthur Loses His Patience, she claims that the song helps her to think.

On the album Arthur and Friends: The First Almost Real Not Live CD (or Tape), D.W. twice attempts to play the song, but is stopped by Arthur, the tracks being labeled "Crazy Bus (No Way!)" and "Crazy Bus (I Said No, D.W.!)" She also recites a line of the song in spoken form on the track "Poetry Club." The song is the final track of the album as "Crazy Bus (What's This Doing Here?)" When the song ends, Arthur comes in and gets mad at D.W. for sneaking the song onto the album, complaining to Mrs. Read about D.W. messing it up, but D.W. just tells him that he's too late as the album is ending and any second it will shut itself off.


Crazy Bus liner notes image

 Crazy bus, crazy bus,
 Riding on the crazy bus
 Riding up, riding down,
 Driven by a funny clown
 Wacky goony, goofy, spoony
 High as a plane or a balloon-y
 Crazy bus, come with us,
 As we ride, ride, ride, ride, ride
 It's a crazy bus, not a schmazy bus,
 Don't make a fuss, just come with us
 Sloppy, sloopy, gloppy, gloopy,
 Happy-happy, hoopy-hoopy,
 Dopey, doffy, screwy, blue-y
 Gooey, chewy, fooey, dewey
 Absolutely bus-a-looey
 Crazy, lazy, crazy, crazy bus
 A flat tire is no problem,
 Because it's only flat on the bottom
 A flat tire is no problem,
 Because it's only flat on the bottom
 So let's go!
 Let's go!
 Let's GOOOOO!
 Wacky, goony, goofy, spoony
 High as a plane or a balloon-y
 Sloppy, sloopy, gloppy, gloopy,
 Hoola-hoopa, hoppy-hoopy,
 Dopey, doffy, screwy, blue-y,
 Gooey, chewy, fooey, dewey
 Absolutely bus-a-looey
 Crazy, lazy, crazy, crazy bus

Crazy Bus (No Way!)

(D.W. starts playing the song)

Arthur: D.W., what are you doing?

D.W.: Starting Crazy Bus, the greatest song ever written!

Arthur: No way! That song is not going to be on my CD! Just forget it!

D.W.: I hope I don't become so boring when I'm old like you!

Crazy Bus (I Said No, D.W.!)

D.W.: And now a piece of beautiful classical music.

(plays the song)

Arthur: D.W., I told you! No Crazy Bus!

D.W.: What a grouch!