Crosswire Motors
Crosswire Motors
Location Elwood City
Type Business
Sells Used cars
Administrator Ed Crosswire
Staff Ed Crosswire
Mr. Romero
Mr. Gorshin
Mr. Meredith
At least 5 more
First appearance "Arthur's Pet Business"
Crosswire Motors is a used car dealership in Elwood City. It is owned by Muffy's father, Ed Crosswire, and is thus the source of the Crosswires' fortune.

It is located on the corner of Fifth and Main Street.


Crosswire Motors has had two slogans.

"Remember, Crosswire Motors is here for YOU!" Ed Crosswire in My Dad, the Garbage Man
"Don't walk but RUN to Crosswire Motors!" Ed Crosswire, Crosswire Motors Commercial

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