S7E10B Crunch

A bowl of Crunch

Crunch, commonly known as Crunch cereal, is a corn puff[1] breakfast cereal popular among children. When their father is unable to cook healthier food due to time, Arthur and D.W. will eat the cereal.[2]

Crunch cereal is produced by the Crunch Cereal Company,[3] which also runs promotional contests. Jack is a known employee of the company.

The Crunch Cereal Jingle Contest

The Crunch Cereal Jingle Contest was held in the winter. Participants were asked to write a jingle that would be aired on a new TV commercial. All entries had to be sent in with 20 box tops. The winner would receive a year's supply of Crunch cereal.

Winning entry

Oh, I have a hunch
Breakfast, dinner, and lunch
Would be so fun to munch,
If I had it with Crunch.





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