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"D.W.'s Baby"


D.W.'s Baby Title Card

Season/Series: 1
Number in season: 11B
Original Airdate: Flag of the United States October 21, 1996[1]
Written by: Joe Fallon
Storyboard by: Gerry Capelle
"Arthur's Baby"
"Arthur Writes a Story"
"D.W.'s Baby" is the second half of the eleventh episode in the first season of Arthur.


When Baby Kate was born, D.W. felt neglected and wondered if anyone would even miss her if she ran away.


Arthur tells D.W. how she acted when Kate was born, starting after Kate was brought home for the first time in "Arthur's Baby". D.W. is excited, but frustrated when she doesn't get to help with Kate. Kate's crib is moved into D.W.'s room, but D.W. soon finds drawbacks to sharing a room with a baby. Her room and belongings smell like dirty diapers, which grosses her out; and she needs to keep toys with small parts away from Kate, so she can't easily play with her; and Kate cries loudly during the night, keeping D.W. awake and causing her insomnia. D.W. soon becomes jealous over the attention Kate is getting. She tries to get rid of Kate when the Tibbles suggest that she should blame Kate for something that she didn't do. When that doesn't work, she runs away thinking that the family doesn't need her, and plans to go away to a small island. Grandma Thora volunteers to drive and row her there, but when she makes D.W. realize that Kate won't have a sister, only a brother, D.W. decides to return home and decides that she'll show Kate how to do everything except changing her diapers, which Mom and Dad will do. Events in the present appear as originally seen in "Arthur's Baby".


Major characters

Minor characters

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  • Although the title is not read on the VHS and DVD versions, Francine says the title when this is aired on television on reruns.
  • Some of the footage and dialogue were recycled from the previous half of this story/episode, "Arthur's Baby".


  • During the intro, in the video on Arthur's first birthday, his ears are covered in the hat.
  • Also in the video on D.W.'s first birthday, she was referred to as "D.W.", but she didn't chronologically go by that name until she was able to talk clearly.
  • D.W.'s toy truck was brown when she was playing with it; but when she offers it to Kate, it changes to blue.
  • When Arthur is supposed to watch Kate, Kate is wearing a green bow in her hair, a few seconds later, it's gone.

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