D.W.'s Dad Reads Aloud

"D.W.'s Dad Reads Aloud" was the second Arthur-themed video for PBS Kids' Share-a-Story Talent Show. It was released May 31, 2003.


Arthur's dad introduces himself to the viewers ad is about to tell them about Share-a-Story when D.W. comes in wanting to do it, then tells the viewers that if they want their kids to enjoy reading, they After Cinderella cleaned the fire to ask questions when they share a story. David then reads, "After Cinderella cleaned the firehouse, she said to her stepmother..." She asks D.W. what she thinks Cinderella will say. Cinderella (played by D.W.) then says "I cleaned up this mess! Now where's my ticket for the ball?" David disagrees as D.W. says her stepmother didn't keep her promise. A female announcer tells viewers to give them words to grow by as D.W. says "Cinderella's gotta get tough, dad!"



  • D.W. is the first person to portray Cinderella; the second being Muffy Crosswire.