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This article is about the episode. You may be looking for the book, the VHS, or the DVD.
"D.W. Thinks Big"

D.W. Thinks Big

D.W. Thinks Big Title Card

Season/Series: 1
Number in season: 25A
Original Airdate: Flag of the United States November 8, 1996[1]
Written by: Judy Rothman
Storyboard by: Gerry Capelle
"D.W. Gets Lost"
"Arthur Cleans Up"
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"D.W. Thinks Big" is the first half of the twenty-fifth episode in the first season of Arthur. It is based on the book D.W. Thinks Big.


At Aunt Lucy's wedding, Arthur is the ringbearer and their dramatic diva cousin Cora is the flower girl, but D.W. is too little to do anything. However, when the wedding ring gets lost in the pipe organ at the wedding, D.W.'s size helps her.


The intro begins with Arthur practicing for Aunt Lucy's wedding. He mentions that D.W. is more excited because last week, she married the toaster and the blender. She's been looking out for Aunt Jessica and Uncle Richard who are staying at the Read's house.

Arthur and D.W.'s cousin Cora is the flower girl because of this she tends to be a bit of a show off like telling a jealous D.W. that the wedding can't go on with her. She also shows D.W. her locket that Aunt Lucy gave her, to which she just accidentally breaks and blames it immediately right onto D.W. Cora shows her mom the locket and Cora's mom tells D.W. not to play rough with Cora's locket even though D.W. didn't do anything wrong.

That night Cora sleeps in D.W.'s bed while D.W. sleeps on the floor, but Cora asks her mom if she can sleep with her because she hates D.W.'s room and that the awful colors hurt her eyes, but her mom tells Cora that she's just tired and needs her sleep because she has a very important job for the wedding tomorrow, to which Cora replies "That is right. I do." The next day, when the flowers have arrived, D.W.'s mom puts Cora's crown on her head and Cora's dad takes a picture of her. At the wedding when Cora arrives she shows off by saying "I'm here everybody! I'm here!" And Grandpa Dave takes Cora to get her pictures taken with the rest of the people in the wedding.

After getting their pictures taken, Arthur (who is the ring bearer) and Cora walk down the aisle, but before that, Cora gives Arthur a warning that making a mistake ruins the whole wedding. While they're walking, Cora tells Arthur to smile, but suddenly, the terrible distraction makes him lose his balance and throw the wedding ring high into the air, and landing in the organ. Arthur volunteers to go in and get the ring, but can't fit in the organ because of his size, so Grandpa Dave suggests Cora, but she refuses, saying it's dirty in there and asks if they can get another ring.

Cora's Mom approaches her and takes her away telling her that she doesn't have to go into the organ. Finally, D.W. volunteers and manages to fit in the organ and bring the ring back out. Because of this, Arthur lets D.W. carry the ring and Aunt Lucy takes off Cora's crown and puts it on D.W.'s head, making D.W. the very second flower girl overall.

At first, Cora starts to complain, but when Aunt Lucy calls her, Cora just says "All right", and allows D.W. to be the flower girl too. At the end, Cora is seen waving good-bye to Aunt Lucy and her husband as they leave for their honeymoon. Then D.W. says "If you lose anything, just call me!" and hums the wedding march, ending the episode.





  • In this episode, Lucy's hair is blonde and her husband's hair is brown; although the later episode "Grandpa Dave's Memory Album" swapped their hair colors for unknown reasons.

Differences from the book

  • When Arthur loses the ring, it flies into the organ. In the book, the ring rolls into the floor vent.
  • Cora didn't want to retrive the ring because she would get her dress dirty. In the book, she offered to go down the ventilation shaft to get it, but like Arthur, she was too big.     
  • At the end of the book Arthur is seen shaking Lucy's husband's hand but in the end of episode Arthur is seen just waving good-bye to Aunt Lucy and her husband as they leave for their honeymoon.
  • Arthur's Aunt Jessica, Uncle Richard, and Grandpa Dave are exclusive to the cartoon. Grandpa Dave would not appear in the Arthur books until later on.
  • Uncle Shelly, who was one of the wedding guests in the book doesn't appear in the cartoon.
  • Lucy's hair is slightly straighter than in the books.
  • Arthur's tuxedo is teal-colored but in the book, it was gray.
  • Cora's flower girl dress is purple but in the book, it was yellow and she wears pink nail polish and shoes with bows.


  • Before the Photographer takes the picture, he is white. When D.W. leaves, he is brown.
  • During the interior view of the catering van, the two seats in the front appear to be close together when they should be spaced apart.
  • While the Reads are on the way to the wedding, Kate rides along in the van; however, when they were at the wedding and waving goodbye to Aunt Lucy and her husband, she's gone.
  • When Arthur's Mom hands the ring to Arthur, her skin is little darker than usual.
  • When Cora pulls her Mary Jane shoes out of her suitcase and gasps, it is clearly Mrs. Read's gasp reused.


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