"D.W. Unties the Knot"


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D.W Unties the Knot Title Card

Season/Series: 14
Number in season: 2B
Original Airdate: Flag of the United States October 12, 2010[1]
Flag of Canada October 27, 2010[3]
Flag of the United Kingdom November 24, 2010[2]
Flag of Germany December 24, 2012[4]
Written by: P. Kevin Strader
Storyboard by: Greg Hill
"The Agent of Change"
"Nicked by a Name"

"D.W. Unties the Knot" is the second half of the second episode in the fourteenth season of Arthur.


After watching a reality program, D.W. plans her own dream wedding, but becomes confused when she is reminded of trying to find someone to marry.


It starts from a battle between Dark Bunny and Bananomanoman. Bananomanoman throws a peel, which Dark Bunny easily jumps over. The show zooms out on the news which is talking about children mimicking what they see on TV.

Then Arthur is shown attempting to do a Dark Bunny hop, which Buster tells the kick needs to better and sooner. The show is put on the side when D.W. introduces herself and tells how Arthur can't copy what he sees on TV. But Arthur comes up and tells that doesn't happen, they have to find out.  

It starts with Arthur and D.W. bickering about their TV time. D.W. wins the argument, but it was tuned to Big Fancy Wedding. D.W. gets quickly interested in the show and continues to watch. Then she asks Dad if she can have a wedding. Dad says yes when she gets older.

D.W. then goes to Emily's house to do some planning, also noting she is older by one hour. She asks for an onion so she can cry and a fancy dress. She gets a yellow dress with orange flowers, saying it is beautiful and pretends to cry.

Emily proclaims that she doesn't need an onion. She goes listing she needs to say food, music, and someone who makes her say I do. She also said other things, including a big palace. Wait, where can they find a palace?

She goes to Muffy's Mansion to finalize a deal. But they can only get a space for a foot with $1. Walking away, D.W. said it was a wedding, making Muffy reconsider. She mentioned that it was a wedding for "D. Woo". Well, she didn't want Arthur in.

Now they had to plan the wedding with a theme. D.W. wanted a unicorn theme where "D. Woo" will get dressed up where will a unicorn will take her and Emily to the wedding; the wedding will have a cake, music, presents, just anything she wants. Muffy said it was a hard job, so she gave them Bionic Bunny Walkie-Talkies.

D.W. and Emily got the ring at a gumball machine, and got The Tibble Twins as the people who make D.W. say I do. Muffy comes in asking for the groom, which the girls choose it will be James.

They come back to Muffy's mansion, which she completed the design and the invitations. However, D.W. discovers she has to love him forever, and live together, maybe their whole family will live together. That night, D.W. has nightmares of having James's family living with her. She goes down to watch Mary Moo Cow, but James switches it to the Shy Guy Awards. So D.W. plans to not show up after the dream was over.

She wants to spend the day with her dad. But he has to cater the wedding. D.W. arrives, and Dad tells her to play with the kids as he goes to the kitchen. Emily comes to get D.W. dressed up.

The Tibbles come to James, telling him to get ready to "marry" D.W., much to his shock. He runs with the twins chasing him. Inside, D.W. is finishing dressing up. Muffy was shocked on where did the kids came off and where was the bride. D.W. reveals to Muffy that she is D. Woo and wanted the wedding to be off.

D.W. came in, so did James and the Tibbles, throwing cooked rice at Emily. The music started, so it's time for D.W. to say "I do." to James. However, D.W. said "I don't" and started crying. Muffy came in with the bill, which made David drop everything.

D.W. and Emily were watching Big Fancy Wedding again, but D.W. let Arthur have the TV. D.W. and Emily walk out the door talking about the wedding. She asked Emily if she will be her bridesmaid in about 20 years.






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