Dark Bunny: Revenge of the Moomies
Dark bunny revenge of the Moomies
Item Type

Video Game


Muffy Crosswire (formerly)

First Appeared (cartoon)

"Arthur Sells Out"

Dark Bunny: Revenge of the Moomies is a video game that is the sequel to Dark Bunny VI: Curse of the Moomy. It cost $35.95 at one shop. Arthur was desperate to get it after seeing an ad for it on TV.

He sold lots of his old stuff to get enough money to get it, but when James MacDonald bought a Cybertoy whose arms fall off when you move it, Arthur refused to give James his money back. Later when Arthur went to buy the game he spotted some Cybertoys in the shop and bought one for James to say sorry for what he did. Buster asked what about the Moomies game and Arthur said "I'm sure we'll get to play it some day."

One day, Arthur, Buster, and Muffy played the game on Muffy's wall-mounted widescreen TV. However, the game turned out to be of an extremely low quality, merely featuring an explorer rolling across a scroll-screen Egyptian landscape who looked nothing like Dark Bunny. The game had poor sound effects and the game play was terrible, with the kids getting a Game Over screen when they barely started playing. Arthur and Buster decide the game is not as good as advertised, and quit the game. Disappointed, Muffy throws away the game.

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