Dave's Farm before the repairs.


Dave's newly fixed chicken coop.

Dave's Farm is the farm of Arthur's Grandpa Dave. It was first bought by Dave's grandfather Gustav 150 years ago and has been in the family since. Arthur's mom Jane Read and her siblings Jessica, Lucy and Fred grew up on the farm; as kids, and had to do chores, such as feeding the animals like ducks and chickens. 

In the episode Grandpa Dave's Old Country Farm, Arthur and D.W. go to stay there on a vacation; they realize that their grandfather needs help taking care of the farm. At first, Dave refuses their help because nobody in the family asked for help taking care of the farm, but soon changes his mind when D.W. tells him that they are his family. He realizes that she has a point there, and says he could use some assistance for a while. So, he has Arthur, D.W. and his good friend Ed Billings help him build a roof for the chicken's house. In the end, he also hires Ed as a farmhand and asks him what he knows about tractor engines.

In the episode Grandpa Dave's Memory Album, when Grandpa Dave reveals that he's been diagnosed with Alzheimer's Disease, he mentions that he got lost on his farm because he couldn't remember where he was and also mentioned that he would be moving closer to his daughter Jane.

It is unknown if he sold his farm, or gave it to one of his other children to live on and still keep it in the family.