Elwood City Stadium
Elwood city stadium overview
Location Elwood City
Type Baseball Stadium
First appearance The Curse of the Grebes

The Elwood City Stadium is a baseball stadium in which the Elwood City Grebes play. It appears in "The Curse of the Grebes" and again in "The Perfect Game." In its second appearance, its appearance differs from its original appearance. It is the location in which the Grebes won their first World Championship in 87 years.

Field Dimensions

When Mucky Flint hits his game-winning home run, the dimension below the scoreboard, which would signify the depth of the center field wall, says "385 ft." However, in another scene, the right field wall also says "385 ft." It is impossible for both the center field and right field walls to be exactly the same length, as that would mean that the wall is straight rather than curved.


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