Fernlets are poems that Fern writes for her family on holidays. Though it started out as just something for the family, Muffy got the idea of selling cards with Fernlets in them. This is a collection of the Fernlets that have been heard in the show. All appear in the episode "Fernlets by Fern".

Mother's Day Poem

Fern wrote this mother's day poem for her mother.

"Mother O' Mom, You are my Mommy,
I love you more than deep fried salami,
I love you more than Boston Cream Pie,
Because I spell love M-O-M-M-Y."

Father's Day Poem

This is the first poem Fern writes to be sold by Muffy.

"Dear old dad, dad old dear,
I love you more, than cold root beer
Or chocolate bars, so chocolatey
I love you, dad, my D-A-D."

Birthday Haiku

"It means even a wet cake can't ruin a birthday because it's about love, not cake."
Fern, Fernlets by Fern

Fern writes this haiku to be sold. A haiku is a poem in which the first and last lines are 5 syllables, and the second line is 7 syllables. Fern is trying to experiment with new poem forms.

"Dear best friend, someone
Left your cake out in the rain.
Smile, it's your birthday."

Graduation Binklet

This poem wasn't written by Fern, it is actually a Binklet, a poem that Binky wrote when Muffy fired Fern.

"Happy graduation,
You've worked really hard,
And if you know what's good for you,
You'll buy this card."

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