Muffy Crosswire is filming Francine Frensky, who's about to the pinwheel kick in soccer.

Muffy: Hello fans, Muffy Crosswire here, reporting for the Muffington Post. Today I'm with Francine Frensky, a soccer star who has overcome incredible odds, having been born with duck's feet.

Francine: What? That's not true.

Muffy: Well, I have to spice it up.

Francine: Muffy, very few people have successfully done the pinwheel kick, it's incredibly hard. First, a player has to kick the ball, over her head. Then, she turns around in mid-air.

Muffy: Ok, you win. Can you just do it? My designer sneakers are getting soggy.

Francine is going to do the kick.

Francine: Today, we make history.

Francine accidently flips and falls on mud.

Muffy: You were right, that's amazing!

Francine: That's not how it was supposed to go.

Francine is at home, watching the video on YouWhoTube.

Francine: Number of views, 202, 203, 204? Ah! I'm doomed!

Title Card - Muffy: Flippity Francine

Francine comes to school, in a disguise.

Arthur: Hey, it's Flippity Francine!

Buster: Are you gonna do another flip? Is that why your wearing the big coat?

Francine runs into Binky.

Binky: Nice moves, Flippity.

Francine runs into Muffy.

Binky: The one in the video was better, but that's still pretty funny. (laughs) You're hysterical.

Francine: Thanks a lot, Muffy.

Muffy: Francine, wait!

Francine: Why? So you can film me and put it online?

Muffy: Oh! Are you gonna do something funny, 'cause I can go get my camera.

Francine: No! You've made me the laughing stock of the entire school!

Muffy: Not just the school Francine, the video is a hit all over the Internet!

Female Adult: Flippity, you're hysterical! (laughs)

Muffy: See?

Francine: Oh, great! So I'm ruined in school and Elwood City?

Muffy: Ruined? What are you talking about? You're a star! Meet me after school and I'll show you what I mean.

Buster: Remember when I saved that cat from a tree? I was a celebrity for... well, at least a week. I hated it. Everyone thought I was really stuck up.

Francine: How'd you get people to like you again?

Buster: Hmm, I don't remember. Hold on. Oh, I saved my friends from a runaway piano. Do you see any runaway pianos?

Francine: Uh, no.


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