This article is about the song. You may be looking for the episode.
Flippity Francine
Flippty francine show title
Artist Norman Groulx
Played in "Flippity Francine"

Flippity Francine was a sitcom fantasized by Francine Frensky in the episode by the same name. The sitcom was a parody of The Dick Van Dyke Show.

In the program, Francine would flip over furniture each time she entered a room.

In the episode seen, the Tibble Twins (dressed in cowboy hats similar to their appearance in the Arthur books) were shown as bandits robbing money from Ed Crosswire and shooting him with squirt guns. Muffy commented that they were stealing 17% of their net worth and asked who would save them. Francine flipped into the room, scattering money everywhere and knocking down the Tibble Twins.


How do you make a smile out of a frown?
Who's that girl who's the goof of the town?
She's gonna turn your world upside-down
It's Flippity... Francine!
She's not just a clown
She's the talk of the town
She's Flippity Francine
Flippity... Francine!

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