This is a list of fourth wall breaks in the Arthur TV series.

Season 1

  • Arthur Accused! - Mrs. MacGrady gives an aside glance to the viewers when her brownies are cleared by a metal detector.
  • Team Trouble - Luke waves to the viewers through the cafeteria window.
  • Bully for Binky- Binky says what are you looking a angrily to the camera but it latte reviled to be some kids.

Season 2

  • Arthur and the Square Dance - After Arthur hastily leaves the Sugar Bowl ice cream shop following a silent teasing from Brain and Binky, Francine looks at the viewers and says "What's gotten into him?"
  • Fern's Slumber Party - When she hears Fern telling a Sherlock Holmes story, Mrs. Walters tells the viewers "I knew this party was a good idea."

Season 3

  • The Ballad of Buster Baxter - Art Garfunkel, while talking about Buster's absence from Season 2, says that "we thought he left the show".
  • Buster's Growing Grudge - Buster, while talking to Binky, says that "we can have our own TV show! You, me, and Arthur!" Binky then responds "Sounds good, but maybe not Arthur. Who'd want to watch him on TV?"
  • Mom and Dad Have a Great Big Fight - Nadine breaks the fourth wall outside the intro.
  • D.W.'s Perfect Wish - After D.W. reminds Arthur to not tell their wishes, D.W. whispers to the viewers "Even if it does come true."
  • The Long, Dull Winter - Arthur asks the viewers if they've ever felt as bored as he was.

Season 4

  • Prove It - The Brain seems to be teaching the viewers about the rotation of the earth. However, it is later revealed he is talking to Kate and Pal.

Season 5

  • The Last of Mary Moo Cow - Arthur says "Wha-what are you waiting for!?! Quick! Go to the title card!".
  • You Are Arthur - The entire episode is made from Arthur's point of view. The beginning has Arthur trade places with the viewer.

Season 6

  • Crushed - Buster says "Roll the tape, Greg!"
  • Rhyme for Your Life - Binky tells Arthur that "All will be clear to he who sits, and listens for eleven minutes!"

Season 8

  • Desk Wars - Binky says that he should have his own show. Francine complains that Arthur always introduces the show.

Season 10

  • Happy Anniversary - The Bionic Bunny 10th Anniversary Special is premiering on the day Arthur has his vacation. Arthur had its tenth anniversary in the same year this episode was released.

Season 11

  • Baby Kate and the Imaginary Mystery - When Kate tells Pal that she was talking to the viewers, Pal tells Kate that the viewers don't say anything even when Arthur talks to them.

Season 12

Season 13

Season 15

Season 16

Season 17

  • Adventures in Budylon - D.W. and Bud go through the things you need to watch this episode. These include a TV or a computer, a place to sit, and a snack.

Season 18

  • Best Wishes - George wishes that he could start the show.

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