This is a list of fourth wall breaks in the Arthur TV series. A fourth wall break is when a character acknowledges that they are fictional, which is usually done by speaking to the audience.

Season 1

  • Arthur Accused! - Mrs. MacGrady gives an aside glance to the viewers when her brownies are cleared by a metal detector.
  • Team Trouble - Luke waves to the viewers through the cafeteria window.
  • Bully for Binky - Binky threatens "What are you looking at?" towards the camera, although it is later revealed that he was talking to some kids.

Season 2

  • Buster Baxter, Cat Saver - Buster claims that his TV show will be "edutainment." Arthur and his friends are disgusted by this. Arthur is an edutainment program. In his TV show, Buster turns to the camera and says "Kids, hitting and punching people is wrong."
  • The Short, Quick Summer - Arthur talks to the viewers during the opening.
  • Arthur and the Square Dance - After Arthur hastily leaves the Sugar Bowl ice cream shop following a silent teasing from Brain and Binky, Francine looks at the viewers and says "What's gotten into him?"
  • Grandma Thora Appreciation Day - Grandma Thora "gets public television clear as a bell." PBS and PBS Kids are public television.
  • Fern's Slumber Party - When she hears Fern telling a Sherlock Holmes story, Mrs. Walters tells the viewers "I knew this party was a good idea." When Fern suggests they should move on to the title card, she specifies, "Maybe that swimming one."

Season 3

  • The Ballad of Buster Baxter - Art Garfunkel, while talking about Buster's absence from Season 2, says that "we thought he left the show."
  • Background Blues - An image of the title card is shown in the episode.
  • Buster's Growing Grudge - Buster, talking to Binky, says that "we can have our own TV show! You, me, and Arthur!" Binky responds, "Sounds good, but maybe not Arthur. Who'd want to watch him on TV?"
  • Arthur's Almost Live Not Real Music Festival - Arthur says "Here they come! Our big music videos!" At the end, D.W. says that "their show would never work on real TV."
  • Mom and Dad Have a Great Big Fight - Nadine introduces herself with "My name is Nadine. I'm D.W.'s imaginary friend, and I'll be your host for Mom and Dad have a Great Big Fight."
  • D.W.'s Perfect Wish - After Arthur reminds D.W. not to say her birthday wish, D.W. whispers to the viewers "Even if it does come true."
  • The Long, Dull Winter - Arthur asks the viewers if they've ever felt as bored as he was.

Season 4

  • D.W.'s Library Card - The opening has Arthur talk to the viewers.
  • Prove It - The Brain seems to be teaching the viewers about the rotation of the earth. However, it is later revealed he is talking to Kate and Pal.
  • What is that Thing? - Buster suggests, "Maybe there's something to be learned from all this." A moment later, the group bursts into "Nah!"

Season 5

  • Double Dare - In the opening, Arthur talks to the viewers.
  • You Are Arthur - The entire episode is shown from Arthur's point of view. The beginning has Arthur trade places with the viewer.
  • The Last of Mary Moo Cow - Arthur says "Wha-what are you waiting for!?! Quick! Go to the title card!"

Season 6

  • Rhyme for Your Life - Binky tells Arthur that "All will be clear to he who sits, and listens for eleven minutes!" This refers to the running time of the episode.
  • Crushed - Buster says "Roll the tape, Greg!"

Season 8

  • Arthur's Snow Biz - Arthur talks to the viewers during the opening.
  • D.W., Dancing Queen - Binky quotes the theme song. D.W. asks him if he made it up, and he responds, "I've heard it somewhere, but I can't remember where."
  • Desk Wars - Binky says that he should have his own show. Francine complains that Arthur always introduces the show.

Season 10

  • Happy Anniversary - The Bionic Bunny 10th Anniversary Special is premiering on the day Arthur has his vacation. Arthur had its tenth anniversary in the same year this episode first aired.
  • The Secret About Secrets - A 3x3 square of characters telling D.W., "It's a secret!" fills the screen. D.W. breaks through the blocks, angrily shouting, "Alright, already!"

Season 11

  • Baby Kate and the Imaginary Mystery - When Kate tells Pal that she was talking to the viewers, Pal tells Kate that the viewers don't say anything even when Arthur talks to them.

Season 12

  • The Frensky Family Fiasco - The opening has Francine walking on a road with Pal, just like in the theme song. She thinks that she should open the show because Arthur always does. D.W. and Buster then want to rename the show after themselves. D.W. even points out that Buster has his own show. Binky then tells the viewers to "stay tuned for the next episode... of The Binky Show!"
  • I Owe You One - The opening is hosted by Muffy. Arthur complains about this.
  • Do You Believe in Magic? - Buster tells the viewers, "And now, here's something we hope you'll enjoy!" before the title card.
  • Home Sweet Home - At the beginning, Buster writes that it has been two hours since he has eaten. At the end, he writes that it his been two hours and eleven minutes. Most Arthur episodes have a running time of eleven minutes.
  • Mei Lin Takes a Stand - The opening has Mei Lin complaining about the lack of baby-related episodes.

Season 13

Season 14

  • Falafelosophy - When Sue Ellen is confused, Neil Gaiman shouts, "Cue special effects!" to someone off-screen. The dream transition effect plays, and Neil Gaiman states that the transition shows that he's imaginary.
  • Around the World in 11 Minutes - The title refers to the length of an average Arthur episode, which is eleven minutes.
  • In My Africa - D.W. and Cheikh talk about having a show, titled "D.W. and Cheikh."

Season 15

Season 16

Season 17

  • Adventures in Budylon - D.W. introduces with, "Hello, TV audience! Here are some things you'll need to watch today's show..." She points to a drawing of a TV, and continues, "but you already have one of those, because you're watching me right now!" Bud walks in and asks, "What about a computer? They could be watching us on a computer!" He also points out that they could be watched on a phone. At the end of the opening, D.W. points a remote towards the screen, which causes a flash and transitions to the title card.
  • Ladonna Compson: Party Animal - Ladonna introduces the episode with, "Today's show is all about having fun!"

Season 18

Season 19

  • Brain's Brain - Arthur, Buster, and Brain challenge the viewers to remember five objects until the end of the episode.
  • Arthur's Toy Trouble - The episode begins with Arthur walking on the Earth, like he does in the theme song.
  • Spar for the Course - Muffy, Buster, and Binky argue over who gets to host the show opening.

Season 21

  • Binky's 'A' Game - Arthur asks the viewers if they understand the comic that Brain is reading.
  • The Master Builders - In the opening, Muffy talks to the viewers. She points a TV remote towards the screen and presses a button, which leads to the title card.
  • Slink's Special Talent - Binky claims that "this show opener is going great, and by golly people are going to love it! Or else."
  • Take a Hike, Molly - Binky speaks to the viewers about how there are some things you'll never here certain people say.
  • Invasion of the Soccer Fans - Kate mentions "the TV audience," referring to the viewers.