WArthur: (cough's quietly) You might.....

D.W.: Shhh! I wanna do it myself.

Arthur: Ok (2x) Sometimes I don't think D.W. really appreciates how easy her life is because of me. I mean she can always come to me for great advise. Do not fear Mosquitos if you pull gently on them they will go away.

D.W.: (blowing) Owww

Arthur: More gently next time. Now I shall tell you how to tie you shoes with you're mind. I constantly encourage her. Trust me D.W. you can do this! You're doing it. That's it you're roller skating!

D.W.: whoaaaaa! Ughh!

Arthur: Uhh. That was great. Now will work on stopping. And when she gets to Kindergarden. Everyone will respect her because she's Arthur Read's sister.

3rd Grade Male Dog: Hey! Isn't that Arthur's sister?

The Crowd: Welcome Arthur's Sister! (All together)

Arthur: And best of all. I teach her things like checkers.

D.W.: King me!

(Then goes to title card)

Muffy Crosswire: (V.O.) Francine's Big Top Trouble.

(Then goes to the episode)

Francine: Tah Daa! Thank you (2x) The great Francine will now accept you applause.

Catherine: Ahh yes the first morning of circus camp. I remember it well. Just wait until you're on the trapeze fifteen feet off the ground it's a lot harder then flipping cereal into you're mouth.

Francine: You may have been good at circus camp Catherine. But I'm gonna rule!

Catherine: We'll just see about that.

Francine: Yes we will.

Oliver: Hey Laverne! I think we have two circus stars in this family.

Francine: (As she grabs a handful of cereal from her bowl) Gotta run!

Catherine: Good Luck Squirt! Say hi to Boris for me.

(When they arrived at circus camp)

Arthur: Whoaaaa!

Binky: This sure beats band camp.

Boris: Greetings young apprentices! I am Boris! Tumbler, trapeze artist, ringleader, and more importantly you're camp consoler.

Boris: (Then grabs the attendance sheet from his pocket) Arthur Read?

Arthur: Here!

Boris: Binky Barnes?

Binky: That's me!

Boris: And.... Frensky! Are you related to Catherine Frensky?

Francine: She's my sister.

Boris: This is an on. Catherine was one of my best peoples.A real natural! (As they shake hands) OK, letss join the rest of the kids on our first stop, tumbling. Follow the feet!

(After they entered the tent)

Boris: Let's learn what we already know. How about a basic cartwheel.

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