"Oliver's father" is not an official name.
This article is about Francine's paternal grandfather. You may be looking for Francine's maternal grandfather.
Oliver's father
Gender Male
Animal Monkey
Hair color White (s3, APC)
Gray (s11)
Brown (as an adult, APC)
Complexion Peach (s3, s11)
Brown (APC)
Residence Oliver's father's house
Family Vingo Frensky (grandfather)
Oliver (son)
Francine (granddaughter)
Catherine (granddaughter)
Laverne (daughter-in-law)
Francine's cousin (possible granddaughter)
Cartoon debut "Background Blues"

Oliver's father is the father of Oliver Frensky, and the paternal grandfather of Catherine and Francine. He appears in the episode "Background Blues" helping Francine learn about the Frenskys. He once owned a restaurant called Hamburger Castle. He is seen again in "Francine's Pilfered Paper."

He also appears in Arthur's Perfect Christmas with the rest of the Frensky family. In this appearance, he is recolored to have brown hair.