Mr. Haney

Haney BrainsShockingSecret

Francis Haney S16

Gender Male
Animal Bear
Complexion Beige (s1-s5)
Gray (s6-s15, s20)
Tan (s16-s19)
Favorite color Maroon[1]
Residence Francis Haney's house, Elwood City
Family Niece
Job Principal
Book debut Arthur's Eyes
Cartoon debut "Arthur's Eyes"
Voiced by Walter Massey

Francis Haney[2][3] (formerly Herb Haney[4][5]) is the former principal of Lakewood Elementary. He oversees everything happening in the school, whether it be school events, bad behavior from pupils, school renovations, etc. Besides being the principal, he is very active in the community of Elwood City, and often takes part in managing or competing in public events, especially if they are sponsored by the school. He leaves Elwood City in Season 20 to fulfill his dream of building a school in Tanzania in Africa, being temporarily replaced by Ms. Tingley.[6]

In the first few seasons of the show, there was a running gag with Mr. Haney. He'd randomly appear with a toy or a balloon, or he'd have bad luck for no apparent reason. He would get hit by things such as burgers on the face or get knocked off of his bed by the Tooth Fairy. Most of this was due to simply being at the wrong place at the wrong time. Everybody would respond by saying, "Sorry, Sir". His luck has improved in later seasons, though. He also has a niece and nephew who appear in "The Return of the King" who are tutored by Mr. Ratburn's former 3rd Grade teacher, Mr. Pryce-Jones. He is also a tax customer of one of his pupil's, Arthur Read's, mother, as revealed in "Arthur's Mystery Envelope" when he gives Arthur an envelope filled with tax documents. Arthur at first thinks that it contains information regarding him, but later finds out it does not.


Haney s2

Mr. Haney, as he appeared in season 2.

Mr. Haney is a bear with a light grey fur. He is often seen wearing a light blue jacket suit over a white shirt and an orange and blue striped tie. He also wears dark blue pants with brown loafers and glasses. He is one of the few characters in the series depicted with fur, as opposed to a complexion like most of the characters that have human-like skin tones.

In the Arthur books, Mr. Haney is usually depicted wearing a green suit rather than a blue one. However, beginning in season 16 of Arthur, Mr. Haney has started wearing a green suit on the show. Though during the imagine spots in season 20's "The Hallway Minotaur", he is back in his blue suit.


Mr. Haney is a kind character who cares deeply about the well-being of his students, but will deal a stern stance if they do anything to disrupt the day for their class or their teachers. He also can be a bit clueless, having been talked out of giving a punishment by students like Binky Barnes, though this happens only on rare occasions. He suffers from dyslexia.



  • Mr. Haney is seen walking past the library with a dog on a leash pulling him in D.W.'s Imaginary Friend.
  • In "The Boy with His Head in the Clouds", he is revealed to have dyslexia.
  • In the early Arthur books before the cartoon, Mr. Haney was known simply as "The Principal", and he wasn't given a name until the book Arthur Meets the President and the cartoon show.
  • Mr. Haney is only ever referred to as "Sir" by his students in "Arthur vs. the Piano".
  • As revealed in "D.W. Tricks the Tooth Fairy", Mr. Haney is single.
  • Francis Haney gets hurt in "Arthur vs. the Piano".
  • In the early season of Arthur, certain items are shown that look like him. In Arthur's Birthday we see a piñata that looks like Mr. Haney. In Arthur Bounces Back, when he presses a button on a toy robot, it changed into Mr. Haney.
  • According to wetalearningmedia, Marc Brown tells the viewers at home that Arthur's principal, Mr. Haney was HIS principal at Lakewood Elementary. That's who he is based on.[citation needed]
  • Mr. Haney is revealed to be one of Mrs. Read's customers in Arthur's Mystery Envelope.
  • Mr. Haney's first name was Herbert before season 11.
  • After Mr. Haney's voice actor passed away in 2014, Mr. Haney was effectively written out of the show by having his character travel to Africa in Season 20, with Ms. Tingley assuming the role of school principal on a temporary basis. Contrary to this, Mr. Haney had a brief cameo as a guest at the Halloween party in the Season 21 episode Arthur and the Haunted Treehouse , but did not speak.
  • In the earlier seasons Mr. Haney have been seen landing in unfortunate events including Arthur vs the Piano and Arthur's Cousin Catastrophe.


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