This article is about Arthur's uncle. You may be looking for others named Fred.
Gender Male
Animal Aardvark
Family Dave (father)
Jane Read (sister)
David Read (brother-in-law)
Arthur Read (nephew)
D.W. Read (niece)
Kate Read (niece)
Jessica (sister or sister-in-law)
Richard (brother or brother-in-law)
Cora (niece)
Lucy (sister)
Lucy's husband (brother-in-law)
Matthew (great-great uncle)
Gustav (great-grandfather)
Jane's great-grandmother (great-grandmother)
Jane's great-grandfather (great-grandfather)
Book debut Arthur's Perfect Christmas
Cartoon debut Arthur's Perfect Christmas
Voiced by Harry Standjofski

Fred is the maternal uncle of Arthur, D.W., and Kate.


He closely resembles his father, but has no facial hair. He works in a china shop and has a dog named Rory.

Arthur's Perfect Christmas

He sends the Read Family a VHS tape telling them that he and Rory are unable to spend Christmas with them this year because they’re going to Florida. During the filming of the video, Fred knocks down a lamp and while he is fixing it, Rory goes over to the camera and puts it in his mouth, which causes the picture to go blank. While the Reads are watching the tape, Arthur and D.W. can’t help but laugh, and Arthur brings up the memory of last Christmas, where Uncle Fred broke the tea set that David got for Jane. However, David doesn’t think that was one bit funny.

On Christmas Eve, as Arthur and Pal are in bed, they both hear a noise outside and rush downstairs to see what it is. It turns out that it's Uncle Fred, who was coming by to drop off some Christmas presents, and accidentally drove his car into the Reads' fence outside. Because of this, Uncle Fred had his car taken into a workshop, and he decides to stay the night at the Reads' house.

The next day when D.W. wakes up, she sees Uncle Fred in the bathroom with shaving cream on, and thinks that it is Santa Claus himself. D.W. went to tell her parents, but it turns out Uncle Fred left the bathroom. Arthur came in, and he was going to use the bathroom.

After Arthur accidentally breaks the Christmas present for his mother, Uncle Fred tells Arthur that Christmas is about more than just presents, and puts Arthur's gift tag on his own present for Jane.

Past Life

Like his siblings, Fred grew up near Unidentified Town on Grandpa Dave's Farm. He got a pet Golden Retriever named Rory over one year ago.


  • For some unknown reason, he wasn't present at his sister Lucy's wedding.
  • He is colorblind.
  • It is ironic that he is clumsy and works in a china shop.





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