For other uses of "Tom," see Tom (disambiguation).
Gender Male
Animal Dog
Cartoon debut "Grandpa Dave's Old Country Farm"

Gunky (formerly Tom) is a maintenance man who also owns the Carousel.

He is most famous for his appearance in the episode, "The Short, Quick Summer". Oddly enough, the same character appears in "Grandpa Dave's Old Country Farm," but is named Tom and is a good friend of Grandpa Dave.

He also helped saw through the branches that were trapping Perky in "What Scared Sue Ellen?".

He came to inspect the roof of Nigel Ratburn's House in "The Rat Who Came to Dinner", incorrectly believing the roof could withstand the weight of "a ton of snow".


All of his clothes seem old and faded, but he is depicted wearing blue jean overalls, a light-yellow long sleeve collared shirt, brown boots, and a red and black baseball cap.