Gussie Compson
Gussie Compson
Gender Male
Animal Rabbit
Residence Compsons' House, Louisiana (formerly)
Compsons' House, Elwood City
Family Rufus Compson (father)
Cisely Compson (mother)
Bo (aunt)
Whitney (uncle)
Mable (aunt)
Silas (uncle)
Madison Compson (sister)
Ladonna Compson (younger sister)
Bud Compson (younger brother)
Lena (great-grandmother)
Cartoon debut "Based on a True Story"
Voiced by Rob Tinkler

Gussie Compson is the older brother of Madison, Ladonna and Bud.


Gussie once chipped a tooth on the plastic baby that was in a slice of king cake.

Gussie worked for one summer at an alligator sanctuary, perhaps with Penny.

Physical appearance



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